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The Human Dome


I travel across this phenomenal path, a path that trails me to justice, a path that unites me with the lofty dome of the human establishment. From these broken shattered glasses of the dome, I gaze upon the increasing influence of insecurities among these humans. One of the sides of this dome had an air of fear and vengeance while the other parts here repres...

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Nature's Wedding

Let the melodious song

of the numerous creatures

that reside here with us along,

in the lands and the skies

guide our light feet.


Step forward,

and bathe in the light of the sun.

As she blesses our love

and ignites our skins and soul.

In this bittersweet moment, 

tinged sour by all that could have been,

should have been ours,

let us surrender our hearts


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Spirit Of Freedom

I see the flag
Bright colors
Swaying tall and proud and
Remember that it is smeared
With the blood
Of the hundreds of thousands
Who bought the Freedom
At a heavy cost
Their selfless sacrifice
To make India a sovereign

Is this all what Freedom is about?
Isn't Freedom Subjective
And a lot more than
Stop bowing to a foreign rule?

Freedom to come out
Of the shackles of Bondage
Of P...

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United We Stand & Together We Thrive

[  ] Listen To Wisdom & Become Wise

[  ] Knowledge Is Power Only A Fool Can Despise

[  ] We Were Once Driven, But Now We Drive

[  ] Men & Women We Are, Now We Provide

[  ] Neutrality We Should Choose, Not Blindly Picking Sides.

[  ] Prayers, Heads High, Eyes To The Sky

[  ] Oh Beautiful Universe Be Our Guide

[  ] Thy Say Time Is Forever Now It's Our Time!

[ ...

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Wisdomworld inspirationunitypowerbetter future

You are not alone.

[ ] Even through the deep pain, shame, regret & great sorrow.


[ ] Keep well living there is always a tomorrow.

[ ] Fight! Go towards the light, not the dark road.

[ ] We know the burden is heavy on you & has a strong hold.

[ ] And it's not and easy thing to defeat or let go.

[ ] Beware of your health it's taking on a great toll.

[ ] I can feel the negative vibratio...

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Ghost Outfit

Black boy, black caskets, black funeral, black after party, Black trap, Black throwback R&B, Black Hip-hop, black hopscotch, Black side walk, white chalk outline, Black media outlets, world star hip hop, the shade room black entertainment television, black twitter, black iphone, black emojis, black fist means power to the black people we learned that from the black panther party in 1966.



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I stare fixated at the screen. 

In shock, and in awe. 

The disbelief of what I’m seeing deserving of more but all i can get out is “oohs” and “awes”. 

I’m wishing, this pen and this paper can act as gauze - and heal a broken system, but then i realized ... 

unless Christ comes back today;

nobody’s coming to save us. 


Tonight i realized that, to them, it’s our skin that is da...

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One Love

Worries dissolve

with each drum beat,

guitar strum,

heartfelt harmony. 

From floating, 

on a river of dreams,

to cosmic flight, 

weaving a cocoon of peace.

One love.



Hope springs eternal,

in your soul song.

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Untouched but not Unfelt

Untouched but not Unfelt

Spent years like a husk
now life is kindling again,
purifying from pain
and pleasantly plentiful 
at present. 

The cage of the State 

is nothing, 

for I traversed the labyrinth of my own mind
and survived.

So I shall recognise shackles
as a concept,
but be mindful of surrendering control. 

Isolate from crowds but not from feelings,
not from unde...

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SocietyUKUnityWorldwideCommunityLovequarantinepersonal journeygrowthmental health

Artists & Critics

She doesn’t sing to win awards,

she sings to breathe life to her soul,

connect with spirits tuning in,

let them know they are not forgotten. 


She knows she will have critics

that judge her art lacking. 

Their negativity is nothing she hasn’t

overcome from herself a million times

on her rocky road to freedom.


She smiles as the ivory tickles her left palm,


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Berlin Irony

9th November 2019



A wall of shame

cut through a city and a people

a bleak new division:

we and the world turned away



A wall fell

remade a city, a people, a history

a bright new union:

we and the world rejoiced



Now we fashion

our uniquely British wall

a tragedy of repeated history:

the world wonders, shrugs




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unionunitywallsBerlin WalldivisiondivideEUBrexithistoryKarl MarxUKGBGreat BritainUnited Kingdomhome nations


I wrote this two years ago, long before the Windrush scandal hit the headlines.


When them set sail on Empire Windrush

Them leave behind sun, sea and sand

Yes, them set forth upon Windrush,

Them a tropical collection of hands,

When all them set foot on Windrush;

Next stop, the promised Motherland


So, them all on board Empire Windrush

All four hundred and ninety-two...

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That Day Will Come

I pray that I get to see the day. When we all stop the hate. We need true leaders to lead the wayyy. Who's going to step up to the plate? Step up before it's too late. Sometimes I feel like Iam going insane. Feel like iam going to brake my brain cus it's overflowing with pain. Only Love,Unity,Harmony, and Peace; Will relieve the tension that's causing the migraine. The enemy likes to play mind gam...

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Legacies (A poetic one scene drama)


Introduction before the curtain is opened.
-->The  introducer addresses the audience.

Instead of none-stop
Condemning the past
Let us do our part
To lift our country
From economic morass fast.
Better than licking a wound,
Taking corrective measures
On former leaders’ mistakes
We could
Capitalizing, on what
They did good.

(Open Curtain)

--> Enters Emperor Tewodros II


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Brick by Brick

As Trump prototype walls are assessed and my back garden wall remains work in progress, penned this little poem....

Brick by Brick

 I got some bricks, cement and sand

With water, trowel, a plotting line.

Thought of how to turn my hand

To leave a symbol of something fine.


I had my patch, could build so tall,

Keep to myself my piece of space.

I could build a monstrous wa...

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One Aspen

Aspen grove
Separate trunks
Thrust skyward
Shaking golden leaves
Whispering tambourines
I cannot see the forest
For this tree

Separate bodies
Milling about
Shaking hands
Whispering gossip
I no longer see the selves
For this humanity

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Live every day like it was meant to be,
helping all those who want to be free.
Feel the warmth in a genuine smile,
a childish giggle can bridge the miles.

Surround everybody with happy ways,
bask in the heat of the suns warm rays.
A world of love and peace for all,
where we help the ones who trip and fall.


I may be a dreamer of fanciful sights
but dreams are better than childis...

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Just say no to corrupt politicians,

lying and cheating with their secret missions.

Hugging the baby in the camera’s eye

then stealing its lolly and watching it cry.


Just say no to the corrupt EU,

actually achieving what Hitler failed to do.

A European State to control one and all,

watch as our borders and our nations fall.


Just say no to the media lies

and ques...

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Who Am I?

I am noise and thought,
I am not who I ought.
I am freedom,
I am fight,
I am the smallest glimpse of starlight,
In the deepest, darkest, stormy night.
Because of fear,
I am,
In spite of fear,
I thrive,
The death of hate and ignorance,
Is what keeps me alive.
I speak for the minority,
A voice for words feared spoken.
With ink and web,
My words are spread,
And your weak bullets are b...

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choicefearfightfreedomje suis charliequestionunitywho

The Raceless Man

The Raceless

My body is just a shell that I wear,
quite how it looks I have scarcely a care,
for I have no sight to cause me any pain,
or to make me view you with any disdain.

I'm told I have a colour but what does that mean,
perhaps it's like the flavours that I taste in ice cream,
I like the taste of all of those I've ever yet tried,
vanilla, coffee or chocolate, they slide smoothly...

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Brothers Right Enough


There are those that say it's black,
and those that say it's white,
even those that say it's red,
and yes they all know they are right.
Who are we to say they're wrong,
each views from where they stand,
but for myself I'd like to say,
there are more colours close to hand.
Seek those out and you may then see,
a rainbow that is harder to shake...

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One World Soon


One hope I have for my children
No hunger or fear in their lives
Every parent wants this, so that is no surprise
When will the world meet in honesty
Openly plan an end to all poverty
Remove the crowns from the commerce kings
Let morality stand proud within all our tradings
Don't let it take too long my friends

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One Planet, One People


One planet, one people, 
one last chance to survive,
if we don't work together now, 
just how will our children thrive?
Take a fresh look at the facts,
and think hard for a while,
it makes sense to adopt peace,
so we can all eat and smile.
There's nothing hard about sharing,
we just need to put aside all the junk,
that's destined for the...

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The Future Is So Near


If the world were only as that second sight within the mind, 
where pictures are all perfect and the people so very kind....
Just close your eyes and wait upon the visions to arrive,
and try when you awake to bring those pictures full alive...
There are those that say "He's just a dreamer" yes,
but remember that all great men had their dreams to test..

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Common Needs


I'm not afraid to stand and shout "I care,
for my friends and neighbours - everywhere",
as I know we are all truly one great family,
with one common mother astride our genealogy.
Why should we fight and waste so much life,
our common needs are best served without strife
don't poison all this world with toxins that kill
from weapons that make our troubles ...

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UnityOne World

Munee, Munee, Munee...


Munee, munee, munee - that was their only cry
Shallow, shallow, shallow - they'll never touch the sky
"Gimmee a footballer wiva hunky wad, that'll make me smile",
Listen to them in the clubs, poles apart with their pseudo guile.
What hope for the future were we all to choose that path,
looking out for number one only - don't make me laugh,
for that's the sure...

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When We Share


Assimilate, but don't imitate,
absorb the goodness that you see,
rejecting all the bad ways of hate,
assured we can do better if we only try.
Let us live within each others eyes,
see the world as one united soul,
never more to clash with futile sighs,
for we can do so much better as a whole...
Move ever forward into clear days of hope,

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