Who Am I?

I am noise and thought,
I am not who I ought.
I am freedom,
I am fight,
I am the smallest glimpse of starlight,
In the deepest, darkest, stormy night.
Because of fear,
I am,
In spite of fear,
I thrive,
The death of hate and ignorance,
Is what keeps me alive.
I speak for the minority,
A voice for words feared spoken.
With ink and web,
My words are spread,
And your weak bullets are broken.
I am laughter,
I am anger,
I am no-one,
I am all.
I am mouth un-gagged,
I'm argument,
I am what will save us all.
I am unity,
I am liberty,
I am............,
I am............,
I am............,
Je suis Charlie.
I am Charlie.

choicefearfightfreedomje suis charliequestionunitywho



Tiffany Bradley

Mon 12th Jan 2015 17:43

Very nice poem

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Life: http://youtu.be/Xw0AdgkePsY
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