Berlin Irony

9th November 2019



A wall of shame

cut through a city and a people

a bleak new division:

we and the world turned away



A wall fell

remade a city, a people, a history

a bright new union:

we and the world rejoiced



Now we fashion

our uniquely British wall

a tragedy of repeated history:

the world wonders, shrugs



And I wonder if

my children must wait

twenty-eight years before

the world rejoices again


Or shall we spend our time

building more walls?


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Paul Sayer

Tue 19th Nov 2019 19:21

Chris I so hope your future vision is wrong... However I have an awful feeling.

We as a species have always built walls, and chances are, we always will. What a sad reflection of how Un-evolved, and or perhaps devolved we are becoming.

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