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Ghost Outfit

Black boy, black caskets, black funeral, black after party, Black trap, Black throwback R&B, Black Hip-hop, black hopscotch, Black side walk, white chalk outline, Black media outlets, world star hip hop, the shade room black entertainment television, black twitter, black iphone, black emojis, black fist means power to the black people we learned that from the black panther party in 1966.


 To be black and resist is to have a black death wish.


Big black sky holds light bright stars, wouldn't be the 1st time a black "thing" was the foundation for white shining black and white television, black and white photographs blackness be the absence of all light but yet we woke up like this, black lips, black nose, black hair, black cheekbones, black girl wrapped tight in her black skin praying she don't give birth to black children who knows what it feels like to be still in black holes 6ft deep beneath our feet getting eaten by black leech getting eaten like mama called you and all your black cousins to the kitchen to come get you a black feast.


 Black girl grows up to realize she was whole all along despite being shot at a black piece, Black woman was being shot at all along by black police until they called it suicide, called it attack on black bodies, called it black on black violence but yet we've not heard one distraction here except white noise my black bullets locked and loaded somewhere be a mass murders white toys.


 So he walked up in the space and we all at the function fresh to death arrived on CP time.


 But we look good though and in this moment, I remembered why black folk take so long to get ready, and always show up late.


 It's because if we die, today this will be our ghost outfit forever.


So you going to wait.




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