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I stare fixated at the screen. 

In shock, and in awe. 

The disbelief of what I’m seeing deserving of more but all i can get out is “oohs” and “awes”. 

I’m wishing, this pen and this paper can act as gauze - and heal a broken system, but then i realized ... 

unless Christ comes back today;

nobody’s coming to save us. 


Tonight i realized that, to them, it’s our skin that is dangerous. 


Tonight it hit me that I’m like a walking loaded 12 gauge shotgun or a .357 magnum,

Just waiting to let THEM have at it. 

And for some reason, these white folks,

they “scared.”


I stare. Eyes fixated on the screen. 

He was only 25,

He was jogging,

He was only trying to stay alive. 

But, like clockwork, white folk think they have to be proactive and act as the arresting officer,  the judge, the jury, and the executioner. 


He was only 25. 


He was only jogging. 


And as my eyes sit fixated on the screen,

I see the first shot rang out and I’m hoping i will wake up from this dream; 

It’s happening again - 

Trayvon martin is happening again. 

Tamir Rice is happening again. 

Mike Brown is happening again. 

It’s all happening again. 


So on top of me not being able to buy skittles and tea in peace, 

I can’t jog on a beautiful day - 

Without looking over my shoulder every 10 seconds ...


What’s happening? 


The diagnosis;



Our skin is dangerous....




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M.C. Newberry

Fri 2nd Oct 2020 15:43

The perceived threat can be dangerous in itself...that is the tragedy
in today's world. What do black cops over in the USA have to say, I wonder? We never seem to hear.

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