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The Human Dome


I travel across this phenomenal path, a path that trails me to justice, a path that unites me with the lofty dome of the human establishment. From these broken shattered glasses of the dome, I gaze upon the increasing influence of insecurities among these humans. One of the sides of this dome had an air of fear and vengeance while the other parts here represented similar culture but with different turns and twists. 


 I try to find changes, a change that signals for hope, a change that signals for care. and so did I, amdist The dull and rusty sides of this dome , I finally found a side made with compassion and care serving the bond of brotherhood and goodwill , showing as if it was carved in a slightly different layer while all the other sides had been constructed with different structures with nothing to spare.


 When the clock strikes and it’s time for me to return, I request the owner of this dome to repair these broken glasses. He sighs and encourages me to look at this with more depth. He teaches me the essence of our living; he teaches me the essence of the human dome.  


I leave with newfound wisdom, a sense of hope in my heart The impoverished glaze now signaling of humanity's art, A reminder that in our flaws, we find our strength and that through oneness and understanding, we can move to whatsoever length. 



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Manish Singh Rajput

Fri 5th Jan 2024 18:42

This is such an intriguing piece of work, Walter. Looking forward to read more of your work.
Thank you.

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