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Spirit Of Freedom

I see the flag
Bright colors
Swaying tall and proud and
Remember that it is smeared
With the blood
Of the hundreds of thousands
Who bought the Freedom
At a heavy cost
Their selfless sacrifice
To make India a sovereign

Is this all what Freedom is about?
Isn't Freedom Subjective
And a lot more than
Stop bowing to a foreign rule?

Freedom to come out
Of the shackles of Bondage
Of Poverty and Hunger
Freedom to pursue
Any education of choice
And not to worry about
Impending unemployment

Freedom to be a woman
And be able to walk in streets
And not attract creepy stares
And Judgemental glances
Freedom to marry a person
Of my choice
And not to live in the shadow
Of fear of "honor killings" and
"Religious hate crimes"

Freedom to visit the village
Of my ancestors and
Not to be belittled by
The so called "Upper class"
Sections of the Society

I believe Freedom is
More than being free of colonial rule
Freedom is to refuse to
Live in a society which refuses
To inculcate a progressive mindset
Spirit of Freedom is Responsibility
Duties before claiming Rights
So isn't Freedom about
Being inspired by our patriots and
Striving to make the country
A better place to live in
For the future generations to come?


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