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Love of My Lives

Sweet sting of truth… I only heard it because it came from you.

Better person


Laughter, when I was born of tears… oh, what a rebirth!


Of course you don’t get all the credit for my understanding of love; I spent many years as an autodidact cardiologist.


But it would be a capricious falsehood to say that I would be anything close to Me

without You.


You have call...

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Nature's Wedding

Let the melodious song

of the numerous creatures

that reside here with us along,

in the lands and the skies

guide our light feet.


Step forward,

and bathe in the light of the sun.

As she blesses our love

and ignites our skins and soul.

In this bittersweet moment, 

tinged sour by all that could have been,

should have been ours,

let us surrender our hearts


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They judge me
All of them
Constant daggers of pity
Shooting from their eyes
For choosing the company of books
Over company of people
Loud music and
noisy dinner parties
Casual hangouts
where people
Talk and talk but
never seem to listen
You are missing out on life
They'd say
As they breeze out
for their quota of fulfillment
of this life
How would they ever understan...

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Finding the Deep

When the needle pricks your finger.

When you hide under the covers.

When you look under the bed.

When you go down into the basement.


When you dig up the root in the yard.

When you lay someone to rest.

When you drill to find water.

When you mine for gold.


When the sink hole collapses.

When you drop deep inside Krubera.

When Earth cracks in two and you reach t...

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Don't ever say it's over
If we are breathing
Racing to the moonlight
Baby we are speeding

Got you from that heaven
I'll be up even for a 1000 nights
from those days to our years
Be ready we'll be taking flights

Keeping love in this young heart
as I would ever dream of
can't even close my eyes
as this reality is even better than I dreamt of

Like both sides of the sun
scorches and...

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Remember me

Remember me 

for even I'm far away 

Keeping our love alive

I'll never fade away


Think of me

Don't let it make u cry

Just a little longer 

I promise we'll eventually defy


Feel me

When scared just close ur eyes

I'll always hold u in my heart 

I'll make u fly all those skies


Believe in me

I'll be yours in all my lives

for the love we have


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It's not living if it's without you, my love

what about this feeling inside,

the warmness coming from a song by that dove.


and if it's not living if it's without you love,

then I'll keep hearing that song

Just from your dove.


*here, dove means heart.

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My princess

The feeling of grief is scary,

so do i used to think.

Seems special thinking about her up all

Can't get her out even when I blink.


                   she keeps the secret in her eyes,

                   even when she's in a hurricane.

                   doesn't let's me tangle in those sights,

                   not giving up in her arcane.



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Will you kiss me

Kiss me, will you kiss me,

Under the deep blue night,

Make it long, make it last,

Make it so right.

Embrace me, will you embrace me,

Deep in the moonlight,

Make it strong, make it warm,

Make it so tight.

Stay with me in this moment here,

Please don’t ever leave me,

Your the only girl I’ll ever want,

Yours, I shall eternally be.

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I promise

You gave me sunshine, 

when I had only rain,

You brought me happiness,

 when I only knew pain.


You gave me light, 

when darkness filled my world,

You beautified my life, 

when you became my girl.


I want to hold you in my arms,

So you can feel my heart beat.

I will embrace you so deeply,

That our two souls shall meet.


I want to kiss you so sweetly,


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value of a moment

Its been a new start of another day,

where sun rises high from its bay,

to insist there is a new hopeful way,

where you can mould your life like a clay,

buzzing bees buzz for their sweet nectar pay,

relegious places start their day's pray,

and I celebrate my day as I have another day to stay

                                       -cancer survivor

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