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The Raceless Man

The Raceless

My body is just a shell that I wear,
quite how it looks I have scarcely a care,
for I have no sight to cause me any pain,
or to make me view you with any disdain.

I'm told I have a colour but what does that mean,
perhaps it's like the flavours that I taste in ice cream,
I like the taste of all of those I've ever yet tried,
vanilla, coffee or chocolate, they slide smoothly inside.

I come from some place where we all sound the same,
a Yorkshire accent rich
Manwithpride, always heard at the game.
My friends tell me where the ball flies and excitement grows,
they all share that with me and when fun is shared it really shows.

Mohammed, Ralph and Joseph, Kaldeep and Ahsan,
they all come from Bradford, in boyhood and man,
we'll eat roast beef and Yorkshire puds down at the pub,
or maybe samosas and curries in the working man's club.

I've heard of this race thing, but for me, it's just fine,
some win the 100 metres, others take some more time,
in my world, it is better than for some I've been told,
where race can be seen as bad but just why leaves me cold.

Would the world be much better if no one could see,
and all could be friends with any race just like me,
for I enjoy the company of these diverse people who share
in our melting pot of cultures where so many show they care...

September 12th 2012

Edited May 17th 2017


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tony sheridan

Thu 25th Oct 2012 19:46

Love this! Nice one. Take care ,Tony.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 25th Oct 2012 19:07

And are'nt your arms aching Dave-
holding that book up all this time?
Haha tee-hee and terrar.xx

<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 25th Oct 2012 19:05

Heres two easily pleased old duffers
saying(typing)nice one Dunn's lad.xx

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 3rd Oct 2012 13:57

Thanks for commenting Anthony - I've yet to record the audio and that is often the time when editing occurs, so I may yet return and tweak this if I find it helps. :) Best wishes, Dave

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Anthony Emmerson

Tue 2nd Oct 2012 16:56

Hi Dave,

I really liked the idea/sentiments in this piece. The rhythm/meter is a little lumpy in places and I think it would be improved greatly if you sorted that out - it wouldn't take much. But hey, it's your piece, and, if you're happy with it . . .


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