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Be better he said

He is sad, he is hurting


No one ever told him he was wrong. 

Spoilt and arrogant, 

He had become. 


Behaviour always accepted. 

A love for himself, 

he always expected perfection, 

Nothing else.


It’s not his fault. He knew something was wrong, 

an angel he searched for, an angel he won. 

Another win, at his feet, treated her with deceit. 


Ignored his own actions, saw what he wanted to see,

Always annoyed, he told her - 

Better she should be




Her wings he burned, her halo he shifted, her brightness dimmed, and this she hated.


A demon within began to rise. 

A new person, 

forged with despise. 

Where was his angel where did she go? This was something he could not know.


She hid from him while the demon fought. Grew back her wings but remains distraught. 

So saddened she met him but with love in her soul, she wanted to care for him, demon out of control.


She left him battered broken and bruised. 

Don’t hurt an angel, 

you will lose. 

A blessing she left him, 

she hoped he would see, 

That if he picks himself up - 

Better he can be.





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The last corner of a cube of light ►


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Hayley Marie

Tue 12th Feb 2019 02:07

You posted this on my birthday- thank you for your gifts of words.

Also —- I’m free now xxx

Big Sal

Mon 15th Oct 2018 15:30

The rhythm to this made it flow very well until the very end. Very good piece.?

The word choice also aided greatly.

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