Mother Nature screams in utter rage, a voice as loud as thunder and death and one Man can’t hear himself; yet he knows something is wrong – this is because he has ruined and taken and not given a damn, raping the world, His world and not caring one bit.

So She is concerned and now She acts in the only way that will get results – 

devastatingly so.

A new start is needed and the now will begin to end, soon.

A slight tug on the path of an asteroid from the path of a gas giant brings it onto the path of our world.

Mother nature is acting though man is blind to this – it will be months before His telescopes pick it up.

Upon impact five billion people will perish

in a blast of flame and debris and death and pain;

few survivors pray for their God but he doesn’t listen.

Mother Nature has taken Her revenge and now Man is gone,

only ashes remain of Him and His civilization.

In a million years a new world will have risen out of the ashes, free of Man.

After destruction comes the peace.


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nick armbrister

Thu 3rd Nov 2011 21:50

thany yes mother nature is the boss oh yes xxx

<Deleted User> (9801)

Thu 3rd Nov 2011 21:14

Absolutely!cataclysm, Mother Nature Rules!x

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