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Do.RoThy on Lost and Found (2 hours ago)

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Candace on Away from home (2 hours ago)

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Domestic violence

Here we go again with this abuse

you slap me down you say i'm yours to use

you also result to hitting me

taking advantage of my generosity

then you pretend you done nothing at all

When it's time to explain the bruises i'l say "I had a fall"

what do you want me to do ?

Pretend to care about you...

Guess what i don't love you anymore

you're rotten to the core

you dont m...

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A Single Knife in the Kitchen Sink

A single knife in the kitchen sink.

Its warm blade, used and discarded.


Fresh liquid dissipates gently into the water,

transferring its fragile bond away from the solitary metal.


The gentle waves wash over its sharp edges,

Whilst its owner viciously scrubs at their hands in the pale water.


Once full of dominance and purpose,

It lies there, useless and despised, ...

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WASH DAY STRAGGLER (Betjeman mode)


A sock lies still, alone and crumpled

Her husband left for partners-new

Tumbling midst myriad socky others

Occasionally coming into view.

Front-loader’s rumble whirr and hum

More versatile than Drake’s old drum.

Detergency now far outweighs

Matelot filth of far off days.


As Mr Sock has...

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The lady was a goddess in her looks and demeanor. Very beautiful in every way. From the way she swayed her hips to her seductive smile to fluttering her eyelids. It was what wasn’t said that got men’s attention but the hidden and unseen, images placed in their minds eye. Only one man was lucky to own her heart. For a long time they were happy. Then he fucked it up big time. They ha...

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