State Wards are funny creatures

flittering winglessly from place to place

showing their colours to very few

and then only in hope of finding love

   all the while needing compassion

   like butterflies need leaves to land on

More happened in care that out

more pain and heartache suffered

than those who handled us could know

Counselors and Matrons

Ordering us

   regimenting us

      signing documents on scraps of paper

saving the Government money they say

Yes funny creatures who create jobs

for those who really don't care

   all the while looking

   for someone who would

Sixteen, a lonely time for some

Placement under thie Governor General's protection

so they say, but did any of us see him?

Being chucked from pillar to  post

foster homes

   more foster homes

      unsuitable for rhis one

Frustration building like a dam

we cried out in hope thats someone

would tell us where the love was

  Governor O Governor

  Had you no compassion?

  Did you ever show willingness

to come and look beneath what we

wanted people to see?

To dig for hidden feelings

to search for hidden needs

seeking for hidden gems of ability?

to look beneath the facade,

   the play-acting,

  to find the gentleness within

  the shyness, heartache and pretence

Or perhaps like most guardians

you tto had no time, no need,

After all, we were not your children,

your flesh,

we were . . . anonymous.


 (c) 1989

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