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Living the Eternity

You walk
You stand
You speak
Then you are quiet
You love
You hate
You fight
You make peace
You cry
You laugh
You live
You die
And you live again

You inhale so many lifetimes,
Your home is the universe,
Your time is eternity.

Words you speak are never silent,
Deeds of yours are never unseen,
Steps you take never fade,
Emotions you share always felt.

We often ask the question:
What would you do if you knew tomorrow you die?
Well, my question is:
What would you do if tomorrow you live?
Tomorrow. Next century.
And for Eternity…

What world would you create?
Would it be profoundly connected like the roots of an age old tree?
Would it be bright like the smiles of a sunflower?
Fresh and clear like a mountain river?
Harmonious like the music of well-tuned guitar?
Would it be intricately beautiful like wings of a butterfly?
Kind like freckled face of a woman calling her children for supper?
Passionately loving? Just like moves of two tango dancers?

What would it be?
What would you make it?
If you lived for eternity…


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