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Grasshopper music

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All the China plates got used for pepper water
Soft grass tufts ripped from ground like broken thunder
You step into air conditioning and start shivering 
You step into new pharmaceuticals and wonder who you are anymore
Wonder about the score of the game, no chance to remember
The outcome is an ember that will surely burn out
Like as a kid catching trout, cutthroat, brook, brown
Those roost...

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The moth with hob nailed boots

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Every night about half past ten

there's tapping ont window

It's the moth with hob nailed boots

trying to find a weak spot before 

he parascends 

through shattered glass.

Nowt will keep this tiger away from lamp

He's kitted out with mess tin and webbing

he's all camouflage and clobber

obvious to the untrained eye

that he's been on manoeuvres behind enemy line...

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Butterfly, flying free
Unaware of its destiny
Butterfly you are truly free
For yours is a path with certainty

You exist within the day
Falling victim to the night
But when the darkest hour comes
There is nothing, there is no fight

So as you flutter by my way
Without a single care
I envy you and your mortality
One such I cannot share

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Homeless Fly

I'm a homeless fly

destined to die

destitute on the sidewalk.


No cakes for me on the kitchen side,

no conspiring against humans with my bride.

Left jilted by the absence of bathroom jihad.


Everyone speaks of the house fly,

they speak of it as a pest.

But all I have is a piss-stained alleyway

to truly call my nest.


I subsist on sick ...

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