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Things seen unravelled from the sense they make

                make non-sense of sense.

            Collected and reassembled

        they are merely the same thing repackaged,

    brand new shiny exciting

exotically uncharted.


though there is nothing new under the sun

        for she is ever static, yet falling

                it is the light she emits that alters th...

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A caterpillar's tale


Today I am a caterpillar, I am knobbly and green,
I cut that path through the leaf behind me, it shows you where I've been.
I crawl slowly on my belly and I am rubbery like jelly,
And if I should slip from this here cabbage, I might end up somewhere smelly.
But soon I will go through changes, that you would not believe,
I'll say goodbye for a while to the cabbage...

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