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Every night i lie in bed

dozen scenarios in my head

thinkin bout how and what and when and where

every night you'll find me there


in my head

my secret place

in my mind 

my safest space


all those things i never find


i'd rather hide 

brave enough? not the case 


but in my mind 

my safest space 


i can be what i cannot

i can ...

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love poemspoemspoetryoverthinkingcrush

on a deeper level

I think I like you,

I think I do,

I like your auburn hair,

Your deep brown eyes,

The way you look at me when you smile,

I think I like you,

I really do,

But I can’t get caught up in my naive thoughts of you,

I don’t know you really, 

No not at all,

I don’t know your favorite color,

Or your biggest fear,

What you think the world will come to when it ends,

I wa...

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I have a crush on one of the inanimate pirates at Pirate Crazy Golf

All that plundering 

And wanton shivering of his timber 

Has brought comeuppance

And seagull shit 

Raining down.


This stud must have raked the whips of hell

Through every great ocean on earth

To have been sentenced

To imprisonment here. 


On the crust of the English Channel. 


Fenced in 

With salt breath 

A torture on his back. 


Forced in


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Side-Eyed Grin

He took her side-eyed grin

and planted it upon a hill....

the perfect spot 

for a magnificent tree

to spread its wings

like roots

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I thought, You had a crush!

Remember? the first day when you saw me,

I felt you have a crush.

That was the biggest problem to be,

since I took it for a rush.    


Our eyes used to meet,

and you pretended to be sweet.

I used to show you as a creep,

that was my way to prevent being a freak.


You used to take a cycle,

I used to take a walk.

Maybe you never felt,

but I tried to have a tal...

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Hello, how are you today: upper,middle,lower— class.
front, and center.
I’d like to think if a kid were to get up and say I can’t stand this, then the teacher would get behind them in an orderly fashion.
side by side, classroom C-3 parts in the middle of the day, to make their way back to their seat,
show and tells of mommy and me– are always well received.

A pinned-up faction icon that sta...

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alignmentcrushearthgeometrygodhollywoodhoroscopeslovelovedloversnaturepoempoetrysacredspiritualityValentinesvalentines dayzodiac

On Hire

Though your dough is plentiful

And you never leave me short

I cant stand this life no longer

Where my love is being bought


Crush me, dont bribe me

I admit I've done you wrong

Why dont you punish me,

Show me you can be strong?


Instead you ply me with goodies

Try like mad to keep me sweet

Yet you know I never loved you

You never swept me off my feet



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on hirebribecrushpunishmilk and honey


I saw you

I saw you wait

I saw you stared

I saw you walked by

I saw you dropped your shoulders and sighed


I wish you could have seen me staring at you too.

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Dreaming Like It's 2004

I had one of those dreams again, the ones where we were just friends. You had no idea you were my every heartbeat.

We were on a trip somewhere, back in high school or something. You had a crush on the foreign exchange student I was rooming with. I was barely tolerating her. You invited us to hang out though, and I couldn't deny any second spent near you. We stayed late in your room listening...

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crushDreamshigh schoolloveunrequited loveyoung love


I liked the way he looked at me

Like I was the only thing he could see

or that was worth looking at. 


I liked the smile he made for me

A tailored face, specifically 

to tell me what he couldn't say. 


I liked the things that went unsaid

The message in the nod, the tilt of his head, 

the eye contact held too long. 


I liked his arms, skin brushing skin

A s...

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illicitpassionforbidden loveforbidden desiresForbidden fruitloveromanceadmirationcrushthe one that got awaypossibilityimpossiblefalling in lovethe endmemoryinnocent

I want this to last forever

The greatest smile I have ever seen,
the most gorgeous voice I'll ever hear,
with stunning eyes that turn me to stone,
I feel like a child when I'm around you.

The little time that we spend together,
I wish it would last forever.
Talk about nonsense,
yet laugh at everything.

We create memories,
with only our fingertips,
never mind the spoken words that cannot be heard,
we make promi...

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Light that brings me home

With a warmth inside I'm heading home.
Shadows fall as I walk into the dark,
slowly losing the sight of my goals.
Alone, I have killed the sun,
now even the moon fears me.
No one by my side,
getting ready to give up,
I stopped,
opened my eyes,
I saw a light that was running towards me.
Soon a relaxing laugh followed,
in my mind it was hallowed.
The light shone brighter and brighter,

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poetrycomfort zonecrushfeelings

Listen To Me..

Hey baby, listen to me;
I never thought you'd follow my advice
Though I'm sad, I don't regret,
Seeing the happiness in your eyes.

Hey baby, listen to me;
I know you know me too well,
I wear this façade just for you;
Though I know, I can never tell.

Hey baby, listen to me;
I changed myself just for you,
You know I care about you,
But she's attached to you, like glue.

Hey baby, lis...

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Caught in the Spider’s Web While Cupid Shoots Arrows in My Head

You’ve gotta help me


I know

I know

I know

There is something wrong with me.

It's an illness!

A disease!


But it's not,

It's foolish

And everyone

(excluding sociopaths)

Gets caught

In the messy web

Of the venomous spider

That is called

A crush.



I have a crush.

I need help,

But his hair has these lovely curls,


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crushloveinternal struggle

Butterflies -- 07/2015

What is this?

A flip. A flop.

A rustle of the feathers

Its all bringing back memories

Better times

Better places

Oh, but look at that face!

Heart beating faster

Pitter. Patter.

Quick! Look away!

Don't catch that gaze

It's written all over your face

Play it cool

Don't be a fool

Raise that gate

Shh! Wait....

What is that knocking....

It's fate.

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Nervous -- 07/2015





Run until you can't stop

Go before your bubble pops



Short and deep

How can this be?


Just wait and see

Nice and easy

One step at a time

It'll all be fine





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Crush -- 07/2015

The speed

The rush

My face turns flushed

I'm being crushed

By your presence

Can't stand your absence

Laying, relaxing with you

It doesn't matter what we do

Quietly watching TV

Intertwined, breathing heavily

Or cracking up, acting a fool

Its not like back when I was in school

But its true

I like you

And I'm hoping you like me too

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