I thought, You had a crush!

Remember? the first day when you saw me,

I felt you have a crush.

That was the biggest problem to be,

since I took it for a rush.    


Our eyes used to meet,

and you pretended to be sweet.

I used to show you as a creep,

that was my way to prevent being a freak.


You used to take a cycle,

I used to take a walk.

Maybe you never felt,

but I tried to have a talk.




'I'll seem to be confident",

at least that's what I thought.

I gave you a compliment,

that is where things went wrong.


You told to your friend,

soon it became a trend.

I was treated bad.

'I trusted you', that made me sad.


I thought you had a crush,

but I was in a rush.

Maybe I too had a lust,

that turned me into dust.

                            _Advaita Singh!

{scribbling world: I thought, You had a crush!! (miraculousword.blogspot.com)}


◄ Listening to Heart ❤ !!

Rain, I love this day!!⛈☔ ►


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