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The Roxy

we used to go to the pictures, file out

deaf and stunned by what we'd seen

it never faded, the novelty, no movie

lacked a technicolour king or queen


now life's a film the thrills have died

every day's a banal double feature

screen stars ten a penny its routine

the vision of a monstrous creature


its no fun when you've seen it before

appetites jaded expectations ...

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Hello, how are you today: upper,middle,lower— class.
front, and center.
I’d like to think if a kid were to get up and say I can’t stand this, then the teacher would get behind them in an orderly fashion.
side by side, classroom C-3 parts in the middle of the day, to make their way back to their seat,
show and tells of mommy and me– are always well received.

A pinned-up faction icon that sta...

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