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skinny dipping

skinny dipping


I saw the two of you at the spring

skinny dipping


splashing and having fun


were you on your lunch break

or did you call in sick?


if he ever swims away

you know that I am here

with goggles and snorkel tube


to show you things you have never seen before


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Will you ever love the one behind your eye?
Promote your own voice?
Decide to restrain imitation?

Write the drops of the day,
Recall your trashed diaries.

Drifting in every direction
we flower, the ranges call-- permit the beach,
the earth, the islands.

Find the nature of sunshine,
not its reverberation--
for we evaporate like the morning

While dreaming the faraway road.

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Returning Home

Returning Home


Will the birds sing in the garden

Will we go down to the sea

Will we build our castles of sand

Will there still be scones for tea


Will my father still be smoking

Will he jog me on his knee

Will summer days still last forever

Will there still be scones for tea


Will we dream of great adventures

Will westerns still be on TV

Will we sit ar...

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Hourglass Appraisal

What was once a beautiful thing is now empty

I should have taken hold of what we had

But was too young to see beyond myself

What use to be a vivid and deep conversation becomes small talk

Just passing the time

You still know what buttons to push

I just think I do

It’s been years and your fingerprints are still on my heart

The more I try to get away

The harder it becomes ...

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Crush -- 07/2015

The speed

The rush

My face turns flushed

I'm being crushed

By your presence

Can't stand your absence

Laying, relaxing with you

It doesn't matter what we do

Quietly watching TV

Intertwined, breathing heavily

Or cracking up, acting a fool

Its not like back when I was in school

But its true

I like you

And I'm hoping you like me too

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Death of a loved one.

On a cold chilly night
I sat and watched
my one true love
slowly die.

Then falling from the sky
was the first snow fall
just right before
she took her last breath.
She then whispered
her last goodbye
and kissed me once more.

Not a second later
her body went cold,
no heart beat was heard,
and no more life inside her.

The angels have took her
to a better place
where she was gi...

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