Hello, how are you today: upper,middle,lower— class.
front, and center.
I’d like to think if a kid were to get up and say I can’t stand this, then the teacher would get behind them in an orderly fashion.
side by side, classroom C-3 parts in the middle of the day, to make their way back to their seat,
show and tells of mommy and me– are always well received.

A pinned-up faction icon that stands for bilateral congression– amongst poster boards; acts as a signet of times to come.
"HeForShe" presents a feminist agenda that is "1 part pink, and 2 parts for me."

An illuminated ascent grasps at the god particle in you, uplifting your spirit.
And taking your soul from the foot of your maker, by the hand of god.
to land a role as the first creator on the moon
your impact echoes a thousand truths, witch doctors as well as spell casters alike aspire to such heights.

God put trust in me:
through all the love in the world,
and your investment in me.
higher power plays a part
the stork's beak points east and tells you which way to go, to find true love
divination rules up above,
I’m truly blessed- to find the time, wherein you reside
promises of picket fences, from the other side, sound so sweet.

in any event, we find the meaning hidden behind.
our astrological signs reside in outer space, that being said, instead: they are comprised from a place within.
She told me that a line meant a connection made between time and space.
as the zodiac enters into the next day, we dream up the life we made
you dot your I’s, iron and press your T’s: with activist movements and talks of transit; daily wake to horoscopes playing out each day

3D printed space–within shapes,
made from time elapsed, behind headshots.
last long enough to see; that the after image imagines a highlight reel, taken from a frame of mind.
taking effect, from the very sec of every day there’s a new face,
tales of tell-tale lies.
parental advice decrees, that what’s seen has been revised
Take a deep breath, and sigh at the dotted stripe.
the precedent peers in case of lies, tied into cursed lines of the darkest white,
that’s to say, that at the end of the day
what to look forward to, is "Time’s Up"
To make change... paved by Hollywood way
bus fair found, when you touch down in Tinseltown.

Surrounded in kindness,
Cupid has a sit down with Saint Valentine at his side.
and to his right- a passage held in holy matrimony.

It's a flower that's climbed the tower, and had cleared the tears of miss princess.
rainbows red between the lines, then took to the skies, bringing her surprise; with their blueprint, and plans to brighten her day.
along their way, sun-kissed constellations give into their wish of being earthen for a day.

Dearly beloved, if you would please read this in times of need.
titled here: are the opinions we see.
I hereby say that words cannot even begin to express, what it must have meant to me.
in a sense, just to see, we need... alignment
your eyes made up my mind
timeless love filled fulfillment is full of feeling.
if it were not for this lump in my throat, I wouldn't find such a hard time to say
That I've never left that day.

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