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Im loyal

I'm dedicated. Not addicted. I'm in control. It's my desicion. I say what And I say where. And if you ask jus rig;;

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Write or Wrong

I write, but I may be wrong

So I cross things out as I go along

Sometimes I will uncross too

Go back, revisit, start anew.

I write, but I may not know

The proper style or way to go

To free the feelings that I feel

And portray them true, with zest and zeal.

I write, but sometimes I ask

What is the purpose of this task?

Does any body realy care

To see and hear what I...

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Almost M. J. Lemon

Oh rise MJ
So they can say
Bukowski's looking down from heaven
Giving the nod to pen of Lemon

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entry picture

This is the shell

I am only Human

So is he

So is she

Exploited Now.

Comprehension wants to know something of the perception.

I am not perfect

The devil strives for perfection.

What do we have to do

Who tested you?

They've been watching me ever since.

Capable of being alive.

Spiritually I am visiting you.

I am jumping around the universe from p...

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