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The Broken Doll.

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I'm just a broken doll, Unfortunately, no one can see. I was beaten and battered, But no one could have saved me.

It all began when I was alone on the shelf. The cruel world took me and I couldnt cry for help. I sowed my mouth shut and continued to smile. Nobody is coming to help, not for a long while.

I'm just a broken doll, Now everybody knows. Please forgive me for I do not know how your ...

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be kindbrokenkindnesssorrow

Jiminy Cricket

I embody the greed that I despise,

When I try looking at things through my own eyes,

And what I was made to be,

But now there are no strings on me.

So, I am at liberty to disgrace my natural tendencies,

They call it: “Bending over backwards to be nice.”

Because the irrepressible us

Keeps me awake at night.

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True Beauty

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True beauty doesn't lie in the skin
It lies in the light of the heart
The sweet tune of a beautiful soul
Created from the keys of a piano.

True beauty lacks physical aspects
It isn't in the clothes he wears
Or the figure that she carries
Or the way we comb our hair.

True beauty comes from within,
Something that does not wrinkle with age.
Something not distracted by a simple imperfection.

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Lift up thine eyes

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A scarlet ribbon torn in flesh

to vent a life 

needlessly shed

the innocent

like lambs are led


Yet sometimes

its the lambs that lead

they take their place

and hold the ground

and with their slaughter

love is found


26 July 2016 (In respect to Father Jacques Hamel & those who count themselves among the Meek and the Faithful)


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BeliefFaithFather Jacques HamelGratitudeKindnessRespectStillness

Look Within

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We blame others for a world full of sin

As we scream and shout about something that we read

But, to change the world you must first look within

How many lives could we save if only love was spread

Never using hateful words just trying to win

Just how many mouths could be fed

With all the makeup we use to cover our own skin

We wake up to a mirror full of dread

Following cele...

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kindnessrise up

SOS Abort

I liar, that’s what I am

I roll my dice from in my hand

I sit upon my throne

Forged from pain

broken promises, pretty lies

They’re all the same

traction, I’m unable to gain

I’m slowly slipping into my old ways

I was getting better

Now it’s worse

Every Name I hear, I curse

But hers’

I cannot do that

she is perfect

she is sweet

I lay my life at her feet


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depressionfunhatejokeskindnesslieslovenot serioussoon to be deletedtorture

A Revisitation

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A revisitation


The majesty of dogs impresses us –

Their solitary solidarity -

And above their grey horizons

There is a promise, lingering….


These days an ending is assumed,

That glorifies the story of our lives:

Making children, seeing things, and listening,

Listening, to our hearts’ desires.


Yesterday the sky darkened at noon

seas spe...

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