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Make A Space In Your Heart

Part One
        Though your day is full
        There’s so much to do
        It’s a busy life
        So hard being You

        Make a space in your heart
        Open out your mind
        Take a moment apart
        To see what you’ll find

Part Two
        Because the world – has so many places
        And in this world – there are so many faces
        Waiting for a smile

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Time Could Last Forever

We live our lives together
Breathing the same air
Yet never help each other
It makes life hard to bear.

So much could be made better
In just a little time
And time could last forever
If we just use it right.

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Let Me Spend...

Let me spend my whole life trying
And not mind the outcome
When it comes out.
Let me spend my whole time helping
And not mind. 

Let me spend my whole life dreaming
And not mind reality
When it turns out.
Let me spend my whole time smiling
And not mind.

Let me spend my whole life living
And not mind dying
When time runs out.
Let me spend my whole time giving
And not mind.

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