A Declaration

I'm sorry for the things I said
Sorry for the ways I hurt you.

I know sometimes I neglect you,
I find ways to desert you.

I didn't know you wanted me, I didn't know I was allowed
I didn't know I was allowed to love you and keep you for myself.
Your lights, your eyes, your body, your smile,
They're all for me now.

You'll never walk alone,
You'll never feel untouched,
You'll never have to feel forgotten ever again,
Because I see you every single time I close my eyes.

I see your dancing fingers, your messy hair in the morning
You look so sweet when you're sleepy, and your righteous fury
sets my heart alight. I love the way you feel, you smell, you laugh.

I will defend you, this is my promise.

I am your warrior, and you are my Queen. 

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