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Desire Path

In the lush green lies an opportunity

The chance to explore just for me

But is it new or old?

Main thing is, this grass cannot be sold


There's uncertainty in its belonging

A nervousness in its colouring

How long will this chance last?

Will it lead forward or into the past


To Travel it does not require desire

But courage and bravery are not for hire

It is hop...

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pathpath of lifewriting walkwalk

my shoes

one size 7 and one size 6

i dealt with the cards i was handed i couldnt just pick

my shoes are worn out, battered, and bruised

not the feet of a clown, walk a mile in them you wont be amused

not following any one path, i led my own way but sometimes id fall or step on some cracks

i tried on some others to see if they fit, though they felt better, it wouldnt aquit

couldnt attest t...

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Please don’t make yourself at home


I caught a star 

With my burning fist

And left my handprint on it

I crash-landed on the clouds 

I bounced back

Bounced back I

Shot a star with my mouth

I juggled Pluto

I breathed on Neptune

I grew a farm on Saturn

I named all the planets that

I was first to visit

Pierced them with flags of my face

Stamped them with my fingerprints

I was the fi...

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achievementambitioncomfort zoneconformitydreamexpectationfreedomhappinessimpossibleindividualinspirationLibertylimitlessmotivationpathpressuresuccesswish

Take a walk on the wild side

Step from the road of the known into the wild of the unknown.

My guide, the divine pulling me 3 finger widths beneath my last known uplink.


Wonders of the world exist all at once, spanning the confines of time.

I visit myself as a child and young adult.

Give hope to the past, while gaining wisdom from the future.

Crude oil refined into the supreme.

Let's suffer together.


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Meandering paths

Twisting, turning, dwindling lanes of the city.. 
Passages down the dwellings, never stirring lives
Superciliously cutting across the heart of the town.. 
As the sun rises the trodden path watches the spirited steps marked with joy and fervor
As the sun goes down it watches the weary steps lulling its walkways.. 
It dorns the silvery light watching the romance sizzle up in the strolls.. 

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Druid Lane

We came upon

A mystic way leading nowhere but the hills.

Floored in leaves, tree roofed, bank-bound

Untrodden but by wanderers for centuries past.

What lay beyond, worthy of such industry?

Perhaps a long forgotten hearth tenured by shepherd or crone.

Or did this tended track pass on to a hilltop way:

Miles now lost to grass and sheep,

A one-time druidic path to some time-er...

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Behind Point

You need to live, to lead your life until 

The point chosen not by you;

A path behind which is legacy of yours.

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The Bend

There's a kink in the path
Where the bluebells grow
Strong, full of spice and sweet
Where the witches and the wizards
cast their spells, I know
And the elves feel safe to meet
There's a bend in the river
Where the waters run deep
And the vines harsh thirst is fed
Where dry grapes can burst
in pleasure and folly;
The valley can sing in a glory of red
There's a camber to th...

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There was one who taught me all, as she taught the witch

at the other side of the estate. We are meant to be the best,

no one touching us on our path.

Me and you, together we had it all,

I met you in the Crystal Chamber. You became my wife,

me the goth, you the witch, fairy tale story.

I became your student and learned all I could,

we toured Euro...

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metpathwitchyou and mealternative





We, the generation of the damned, the lost ones,

the weird ones, the ones you stare at and misunderstand,

as a joke I say Hiroshima was good, let’s do it again!

Do you think I’m mad? I say a man is to be judged

on his actions, not on his memories, wise words for me.

Why are we like this? I have my own answers and know

I’m lucky, I have my music...

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hmmm is this about me...





All he ever wanted to do was to improve his life, make a better life for himself and not be a lazy freeloader. Certain people thought he'd never make it; this view rubbed off on him through time and really depressed him. He was determined to show them they were wrong, that he wasn't lazy and could prove something to first himself, then them and finally the world.


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