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Waiting for Nancy 11

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Flu riddled
You cancelled our 11th meet up
With half a hours notice

Scratching down the phone
Like a chipped needle
On a record player

Skateboarding between
The truth and lies
Brick-edged across St Peters Square
With the tram lights
Spot lighting on me
Truthing the ground

Leaving me stood there
Alone in the rain. 



(11th in a ongoing series)

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The Fall


You know
That precipice
You stand
On the end
You look down
Maybe you see
Maybe you see
The sea
Maybe you see
Your whole life
Your eyes
Maybe you see
And maybe
You see 
But you stand there
All the same
With the absent wind
Between your
And the...

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Staring at a Hoopoe

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ilare uccello calunniato


Caught in the moment,

there is no way of knowing

who might have blinked first –

the old man or his visitant,

the bright, crested

ambivalent bird. A few

scattered objects

implying a workspace,

the room is otherwise

unfocused beyond

the reciprocal stare

of two survivors.

The eyes of one are stoical,

but lit by a sense


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Readying for white

Having flamed,

downed embers

of Autumns

leafy death throes

litter my path.


Weaving into

their windblown

carpeting design,

the drifting offences

of wasted beauty.


All that

has to be,

will be

without resistance.

Never brought

to a shuddering halt.


This I say,

is of the Earths

taking back,

allowing Winters

savage truth,


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What, to you, does a tear signify?
Joy, pain, sadness, or just something in the eye.
How do you respond?   Grasp the shoulders and share the joy,
Hold her close and reveal that it’s a boy.
Give a sympathetic cuddle with it's irritating stroking
Sorry, didn’t realise it was your eye I was poking.

© Jack Purvis OOPs

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Fate Understanding

orginal posting on www.uink.ca

How to comprehend, events of late;
Trying to understand, can you explain;
Why we must smite our enemy
through greed, fear and fate;
I'm simple man, use plain words;
Creating a world in this state;
Elusive to the bigger picture, guessing;
Not meaning to ignorant, but simpler;
To be secluded to what's happening;
Grasping concepts hurts to understand mate;
Broader horizon to t...

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Blood thief

There’s a floor called race and a home called blood,

it can be what forms you.

It can be what clothes you, what warms you as it flows through your body,

a rich honey providing brotherhood, relation, family and love -

bonds of pride which cartwheel through your body.

I have a mystery and in my father lies the clues.

I had droplets of speciality, uniqueness, distinction, excitement...

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Dumping a fantasy

How do you dump one who's never been yours,

who barely cares you exist,

someone whose body you never have held,

whose mouth you never have kissed?

Though there's nothing to dump, dump you I must,

Dump you right out of my head

where images of you haunt and tease,

caused (to be fair!) by nothing you've done or said.

Tomorrow I get my life back I hope

after a fantasy-nightm...

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What if nothing really meant nothing?

We use this word so flippantly,
In everything we do,
I've nothing in the cupboards,
But we all know that's not true,
There's nothing on the telly,
There's nothing in my purse,
I've nothing to wear right now,
This nothing is a curse,
I've nothing i can offer,
Nothing left to give,
Nothing in my life right now,
Nothing but to live,
But what a load...

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more poetry published

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Hi Guys;

More poems to follow soon as i will start blogging a new sequence soon but in the meantime, two poems of mine 'Magic II' and 'Kissing my every Scent' have appeared on Page & Spine' and can be read here

Also in addition, two more poems 'Priscilla' and 'Prisoners of War III' (both of which also appeared in my split book 'Europa' (co wrote with Nick Armbrister) have appeared in Poetic ...

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Hobby Horses Will Dance

My new collection of poetry, Hobby Horses Will Dance, is available from book shops £5. A collection based on folklore and nature.ISBN 978-0-9929685-1-9

Old Ninth


Blod monath arrived

shrouded in mist and

winter chill.

Soon the firewood

would be stacked

and the cattle


And when All Saints

and All Souls had passed,

Mischief Night gone

and even befo...

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Pollution Strikes Butt Tips Shower from the Sky

The number of individual

                                     Disrespectful smokers

                                     Butt ends

                                     Used matches.

The number of complaints

                                     Upset residents

                                     Constantly bombarded

                                     Dirty windows.

The nu...

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The Monster

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She  was born from a parent
who left her at a young age
to be raised by a monster.

This monster created
such fear and depression
for this poor young girl.

The monster she feared
was there everyday waiting
for when she got home
or for when she woke.
The monster she didn't love
broken her down far too much
that even a thought of it
or the thought of being home
would make her panic.


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fatherfearlifemonsterpoor young girlsorrow


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Her hand was young

and open,

a generosity

of spirit in its

loops and curves,

and between

'with compliments'

and her name 'Nina'

I envisaged an x



words and foto T Carroll

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Toward the shuffling gait I know
I must, like mortal others, go.
I could swim against the tide
but senescence will humble pride
and having seen how life corrupts;
how carelessly it interrupts
unbidden, its unwritten span,
I’m inclined, while I still can,
to exit, with my self intact, and
make my last, a conscious act.

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A Mozart Afternoon

Rather than beshrew with a stake drove

Beating through her immortal blood-welling heart

I took her uptown to a nosey French café


She sat fiddling with her crisp pale napkin

Under the checkered table cloth

And noticed not a thing

As they all looked past us among the mountain scenery

And the chef personally replenished her plate

Every thirty minutes  


She cared n...

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I reach and cut a round hole in a square piece of card

and hang it on my wall, for all of mine to see

name it 'despair', that part of me, that

proceeds to extinguish all that touch,

frightens insects from the white

surface, scratched cold

barren, bereft.


But as, by whim

my friends they visit, I'm

found laughing at the trinket, how

and why this reason flew and set...

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The Night Battle

The time

Was opportune.

My members all had mutinied,

Gone traitorous,


Their mandate from the will,

And the will stood

A lonely sentinel



Behind my eyes

The minds limbs had grown gaunt,



And through all

The Simmoom of a desiccating want

Ceaselessly parched.



Were a call to combat.



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When peace is no longer under threat

For safely passing
A pitch-dark evening
Under His protective wing,
Praise to the Almighty
Birds sing every morning,
What a nice thing!

Whenever men broken pray
God's omniscient ray
Their problem melts away!
Though unforgettable such a day,
Soon human-beings forget
A prayer to say!
Why should men thanksgiving forget
When peace is no longer under threat?

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A happy thanks giving to writeoutloud members



Advent is here.  The tree’s up,

The nights begin to freeze up,

And everywhere

The staff prepare

To have their Christmas knees up.



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Dowry, or shall we call it voluntary gift

Your mother called up my mother

and asked if I would be 'bringing" something with me

when we got married.

My mother asked your mother if she was asking for dowry

to which your mother replied, oh no I am talking voluntary gifts

for my entire family, and friends and yes, cash would be welcome

and gold too, and clothes for about 21 people.

And yes, furniture, a television set, an...

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when you leave,it all remains

The strength that comes in With the desires in the heart Expectations break the mirage Of the dream's picture paintin' Hold on to it something whispers The heart pounds when it sees The reality,the beauty, It's a dream,walk in clouds slippers It's a confusion,should i believe? It's true or not. Your picture that i painted,i can't heave Put it safe,somewhere away,and safe a lot. T...

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The Sea

The sea...

My lovely bold sea...

She's bleeding...bleeding profundly!

No, they can't make an entry there..try try..hard enough!

The fault can not be blamed on anyone,

The glory to be named on everyone...they do smile on the prophecies, in a good way!

Tame the sea and she will be yours,

But, who has understood the flow of current....can be in any direction!

Through your ston...

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My Bullet

Forgive me please, my sins, I beg, for I

Am not the glorious hero that they claim;

For I am one who dares to reason why.


They spoke of honour, courage, do-or-die;

They showed me how to shoot, to kill, to maim.

Forgive me please, my sins, I beg, for I


Am no brave lion, no matter how I try.

Returning home I feel somehow to blame,

For I am one who dares to reason why...

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Poem: God Within

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Though Life can be extremely difficult
and experiences can deeply traumatize us,
we can learn to control how we respond -
as demonstrated by our Lord, Christ Jesus.

For He alone is the hope of our glory;
when we show genuine, jubilant enthusiasm,
we naturally exhibit that “God is within”;
thus, we’re able… to bridge sin’s chasm.

This separation from God can be overcome
with daily pray...

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christian poetryfaith. breunigGod Withinpoetry

Morning, Neighbors

2 houses over

past jealous backyards

brilliant sun bathes their backdoor.

Dalmatian gallops and rolls, cuts like a quarter horse

lathers its spots with sun.


Morning sun shirks neighbor in between

til all the leaves left on his boughs

decide to tumble.


I’m denied the sun by too close neighbor to my right

-- who diligently pries acorns fallen

deep between shar...

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Scaling Ayers Rocks (2004)


Blood diamonds dripping from my neck and wrist
It’s hard to see through your frosted ice, snow and mist
She’s showing off her rock like it means something
It could be a cola ring-pull or a piece of string
“Eternity rings are for when you get eterned” -
That’s a lesson in love that I have learned
De Beers marketing man set in stone - it’s true
That I work for 2 months to say with metal ...

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All For Love

All For Love


Love is not your hope,

Love, is not the dope that brings tranquil waters,

Love, is not kicking fuck,

Out of the partner seeking to destroy your heart,

Love, is not to celebrate retaliatory abuse,

When protecting your own children,


We only know it to be false,

Love never, makes a man

Humble at the caress and the touch,

Love, is always tr...

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The rain has fallen down for twenty hours
from a dead sky of slate and granite hews,
dampening the walls of urban towers.

Cobbled streets the colour of an old bruise,
tyres rattle over pothole dark drains,
counterpoint to some distant splashing shoes.

The day cast in monochromatic stains
as water forms itself into a lake
that eddies into inner city lanes.

A passing car cre...

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homelessnessrainfallrichpixstreetsTerza Rima formurban livingwet



In silence
eyes peer from
tears in pumpkin skin,
mulched November
sweets left in a storing
The love is gone,
two poets
eaten of their romance,
blueberry lips from
sore and rough kisses.
He left with a telegram
from the BBC
while She stirred up
in sour light,
rhubarbs ploughed by
her father’s moon.


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Candle burning with a blow.

Birthday sex
Happy eating cake,
bought with money 
while standing on a 
candle burning 
a blow. 

Lady light high 
half white 
young eyes. 

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Anti-Smoking Project

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Hello all

As you know, we are thinking about making a poetic contribution to an anti smoking campaign in Heaton Norris. Aside from the obvious health issues, there is also the problem of people tossing dimps out of upstairs windows of high rise flats.

Here is the email by Naomi Whitman, the Creative Media Centre Project Manager:

'We’re still in very early stages of the project at the mome...

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Onion rings

Now I have a thing for onion rings

the roundness and batter

Oh my heart sings


reminds me of polos

but softer and bigger

glad they are not minty.

I hear you snigger


But with my rings and a mayo dip

I close my eyes

Off I go on my trip


To the land of onion rings

floating though the loops


swimming through the rings

Marching with onion ring tro...

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the question is the answer?

I walk with a purpous God is waiting for me to unearth this Being inside see; I'm living lively but not inside me, I've allowed temptation to take it's roots in a place that God had sworn to protect I swear I wasn't a reject I just needed to find the time to reset, a recess, I've been robbed of my autobiographical pretext I been stuck in play but just wanted to see next, chapter quiz or is this a...

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Eternal Infancy

No matter how many years are added to my life,

I will always be a child.

For in Your presence- it is all I can be.

Though infancy is not to my memory

I can feel it overwhelm me as though it is all I have ever known

Grabbing for Your pinky,

Drawing nearer and nearer to You,

At the approach of all that is new

Of all that is strange

Of all that troubles me

Gazing with un...

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child of Godchristian poetryeternal infancyGod's loveHeavenly Fatherrelationship with God


Why did I attend that event, Why did I even talk to you

At the verge of cursing the day I met you

Warm memories gashed through my mind

Rushing through my heart

I smiled


I regret meeting you.


Did I not enjoy your company

 We made endless promises to each other

Holding hands, sharing secrets in the park, strolling by the ...

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The Door

-the ramblings of another young girl-


  My whole life I have had this wall,

it has protected me from the inevitable fall.


  But then with three tiny words,

that wall was torn down

by my new favorite sound.

and I knew that with your beautiful voice 

whispering to my soul,

I was no longer bound.


  With my protective wall 

now lying broken o...

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Also by .L.m.P.:

Tears of agony and pain.. |

Body Trap

The shallow grave sank.
A quantity of gasses, liquids, soft tissues
the earth above

Stolen vegetables in belly
(motives for the killing)
along with her eyes
along with her skin
into one subsidence.

Still buried were the snapped spine,
scream-splayed jaws
and claws that grasped at crushing bars.

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Last butterfly of 2014 |

Count to five

Just a bit of fun...

'Breathe in deep and count to five'
are things that can be done
Especially when you're twenty
And you're living with your mum...

'Move your shoes' 'Comb your hair'
'You can't go out like that'
Mum although I LOVED those times...
I thought we'd got through that.

A time for chats and sharing tales
about my childhood that has been
I fear for you it is the case

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Textures of shame | Bedtime |


that night, I woke and remembered 
wrapped in grief 
in the tangle of my sheets
I couldn't sleep 
I wound your old sweater round my neck 
sinking in 
breathing in the very scent of you

by the lake, gusts of wind stirred the leaves
the shivering trees
flashing lights from passing cars lit the shallows
shoals of ghostly fish slid by  
like traffic on a neon-lit motorway 
mimicking the ...

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Talkin' late night, buy it now, extended warranty, consumer durable blues.

entry picture

Possibly the best comedy on TV is to be found late night/early morning on the shopping channels...if you've never watched then I suggest you take and evening out of your life and dedicate it to this pursuit.




 Last night a crazy dream came to me,

I dreamt I bought a comfortable settee.

When I sat down the very next day,

All the springs on the bottom gave way.

I guess i...

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david wolfe waste of fucking time and money


It hurts when you want to help and believe...

Realising the reality of  "practice to deceive"...

The person with a dog and proffered cup -

The ingratiating smile that says "cough up".

Not quite sure of what is true,

Or whether the need is in them or you?





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Also by M.C. Newberry:




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There was a great ditch

And an avenue of trees

Leading directly

From the busy town

To the cemetery’s silence

Ornate gates sick with rust

Relics of grander times

When they marked the way

To ancient Plascrug

Back and forth we jumped

Across the weed choked water


There was a Scout Hut

Near a playground

A row of park benches

Where we sat i...

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AberystwythDavid SubacchiLiverpool PoetspoetryWelsh Poets

The Dream

entry picture

The following is a dream. In a small way I hope the ending comes true



My Mother, Sister, Brother and I check into a hotel room.

When we enter the room my Dad who passed away

almost five years ago is sitting on the bed.


We ask, "Daddy why are you here?" He says "I wanted to

see my family." We are overcome with emotion and hug

him. We are all talking at once.



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Sky dancers

en masse.


naturally choregraphed


of charcoal'd participants

as one

before fracturing

into thousands.



raining down.

Leaving behind

the death of twilight.


Filling trees

with chatter


merging into 

the singularity

of blackness.


It is in car parks,

shopping centres

that I


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My Inner Child II

My inner child

Is like sunshine

She loves attention.


She loves it when

You do well

She has faith.


My inner child

Is confident

Is giving

Is kind

Is gentle.


She tries to be open

She tries to encourage

She doesn’t want to

Do you down.


Because then you

Might feel lonely, forgotten about



She says

She knows you are h...

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Run With Me


I still cant find you, looking around and you're not here. 

You're lost in this word, and Im here on my knees. 

Trying to get where I need to be, So that I'll be there when you find me. 

But until that time, I'll sit and wait, and hope tomorrow brings a brand new day. 

And maybe then, I'll get the chance, to look around and hold your hand. 

To see your face, to make you glad.


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'Can I read this out to you?' 'Noooooooo, I've got stuff to do.'

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Remember last night's tea

when you brought your girlfriend,

and you brought your friend?

And the dog was excited

because he loves it when you are all here

because I am so happy

and I'm like- superwomb?

And I got food delivered

and you were all relieved

because it can be touch and go

with my cooking                

and there was loads to go around

and Dad didn't ...

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carefamilyflawedfleeting momentsloveonly humantake-away

Puppets on Strings







None our own devices

in any scheme of things


We all are but nothing

than puppets on strings


With advent designed

for a set time on stage


All expectedly ordained

impossible to rearrange


Often get manipulated

and to probable comply


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life's reflection

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