Eternal Infancy

No matter how many years are added to my life,

I will always be a child.

For in Your presence- it is all I can be.

Though infancy is not to my memory

I can feel it overwhelm me as though it is all I have ever known

Grabbing for Your pinky,

Drawing nearer and nearer to You,

At the approach of all that is new

Of all that is strange

Of all that troubles me

Gazing with uncertainty

As a shy child

With a tiny hand placed over my round little face

While the other

Embracing the strength of Your leg

I’ve hidden myself within your garments.

Looking up to you for inner guidance

I feel you

Grazing the top of my head

Smoothing out the softness of my hairs

And I fear not.

You take my hand and shelter me

You walk with me

Though my steps small next to Your mighty movement

You guide each one of my tiny toes

So that I may not stumble unto cold dusty grounds.

I tug at your garment,

And You acknowledge me

For You feel me and You hear me

You lift me into Your loving arms and You carry me

Through bloody battles, facing tremendous foes

Through deadly deserts, facing scorching suns and sinister snakes

You carry me.

You draw my head closer to yours

As You comfort my cries and dry my weary eyes

Opening them to the greatest beauty all of creation has ever known

To the sound of the most precious and magnificent sound

Your voice:

"Do not cry, do not fear,

For this is Love- I am still here."

christian poetryrelationship with GodGod's loveHeavenly Fatherchild of Godeternal infancy

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