Pséf̱ti̱s. (Short story)

I told a lie once and now I can't move. Not one bit. The lie was only a white lie...maybe I'm lying. Ah, do not worry or maybe you should worry? But why? I'm lying again. Everybody knows I blow their minds and the sweet sweet sound of my own voice is all I need. You bloody idiot! Do you really want to know...probably not. Do you want to know the truth....Forgodsake (all one word) I want to know! A soaring fire in our hearts! You're a load of shite! Is that a lie? NO! I weep..Ah, my all this stuff bores me. You damn bore! I like that tune that goes da da da dum dum dum la la la. Truth be told I hate that kind of crap. Maybe I should start taking it easy and quiet down but if you think I know nothing, well what can I say but GODDAMN it's just too bad. I think maybe I've been reading too much Joyce. Is there such a thing? But anyway I'll tell you this when I was a child I was a golden child, I shined like the sun. 'Your smile lights up the room' my teacher would say and I knew I was an angel of the stars. Do you not believe me? Well, it doesn't really matter. Anyway all I need is my wings so to speak. I have no idea how to get them? It's a pretty delicate thing to talk about really and so I spoke to God in some sort of way, not really sure how or where but I did and this is not a lie...we spoke from the mind and at the time I had a headache brought on by a terrible joke someone had told me. I won't repeat the joke as I don't want to give you a headache also. Now I think maybe it was a joke God had told me. I can't say yes or no as I'm not sure so I may sound like a liar and I don't want anymore of that. So..God asks me 'Have you got your horns as of yet?' I thought what is he going on about, horns. That sounds more like the Devil. And when I thought about it I did have my horns. They were sticking right out from my head and now maybe I think that's why I had a headache and so I kept telling people they were wings and people believed me because I made them perceive them that way. That's how powerful the mind is. Anyway what more can I say I have a desire for something and I'm now a bit on edge and I'll tell you with my whole heart that Hell has a fair few stories to tell but I lied and now I'm stuck and boy am I sick of waiting on God. GODDAMN! O my I said thy name in vain...Horns are not wings and I'm still in the fire on the third degree burning touching on life's funniest jokes.

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<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 6th Nov 2014 10:55

interesting.Needs a few more reads.xx

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