What if nothing really meant nothing?

We use this word so flippantly,
In everything we do,
I've nothing in the cupboards,
But we all know that's not true,
There's nothing on the telly,
There's nothing in my purse,
I've nothing to wear right now,
This nothing is a curse,
I've nothing i can offer,
Nothing left to give,
Nothing in my life right now,
Nothing but to live,
But what a load of total crap,
We utter everyday,
We have so much to be grateful for,
In every single way,
So listen here to me right now,
It's not what we possess,
It's not what's in the cupboard,
Or the cut and style of dress,
It can't be measured by TV,
Or monetary gain,
It's what we feel and how we love,
That makes us all the same,
No matter what your day will bring,
Remember this is true,
That when you have a nothing phase,
I've got your back for you,
Because you have everything,
But nothing you can see, 
And if all else seems to fail,
At least you have got me.

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Tina Ford

Sun 30th Nov 2014 18:39

Thank you Jack x

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jack purvis

Sun 30th Nov 2014 13:53

This has meaning

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Tina Ford

Sat 29th Nov 2014 16:20

Thank you Alexander x

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Sat 29th Nov 2014 16:11

Nicely nihilistic, with a cheeringly optimistic ending. I agree, 'nothing' is as flippantly used as 'absolutely'!

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