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Poem about Prometheus

the fire is for You a beloved magic

which You are easy able to give to the people like gold

the love of the people is an overjoyed day-dreaming

dear Titan You like the people against Zeus deeply

the human-being made from tears and clay is admiring You

the eternal dreamer and the cloudy rider so delicately

thanks to humane skills – we know them anyway

with Apollon You go on a j...

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The God in the Mountain

Flogita - 13 September 2019

It stands

a great sail fin of rock

high towering - dominant

cloud mazed

haze hidden seat of hidden gods

and we,  yes,

we would rise to their heights,

stand in their pantheon

to observe the tiny world


For from this seat

Prometheus set forth

and with Athena

set us in that tiny mortal world -

yet now we stand

proud o...

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Prometheus Redux

Semper animus libera



O Thou that watches over all

And marks the good in man

Unnamed Godhead of all the thronging spirits

Who guard thy mortal worlds -

When skies darken and the plunging waves roil through

When the mountains themselves spit ruddy fire

And melt into valleys or crash steaming into the ocean deeps -

To keep thy people safe in those mortal li...

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“And to his rock be bound eternal; forever gifting man all that is infernal.
Bound by chain, suffering as the eagle’s meal; freedom bought by the one who shall steal.
Unto the eagle’s beak his blood be lash; to control he who shall become our man of ash.”

There’s something about the heavenly reflection of that silver-tongued devil which comforts me.
The cigarette pursed between his lips, con...

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