Walking Back to Happiness

Last week I managed to walk six miles or so.

This Tuesday I walked three miles along the canal.

My God it was warm and how thirsty I was at the end!

I went straight to the pub for a pint, to rest and reflect.

One hour and fifteen minutes to walk three and a bit miles.

And here at the bar, by my side was a man in a wheelchair.

He had had both legs amputated below the knee.

This Wednesday I went for a walk of a mile and a half.

Serenaded by birdsong in the cool shade of the trees.

Sometimes we need to swallow our pride, not fear failure.

There are people young and old who depend on me.

Today I will do my duty towards myself.

I’ll be walking ten miles very slowly along the road.

I can catch a bus if need be, there’s plenty on Fridays.

Who cares if it rains-I’m not going to bloody well melt!

Just think how glorious that amber nectar will taste!

I’ve lost a few of my marbles, but I still have my legs.

When my knees start seizing up, I’ll be reminded of that!


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Kevin Tan

Sat 27th May 2023 22:37

Take care Uilleam!!!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sat 27th May 2023 22:14

Thanks again for likes and commments.

I ought to acknowledge that the title came from that of a pop song by Helen Shapiro (1969) which I remember well.

I've also seen it in articles about the relationship between exercise and mental health.

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Kevin Tan

Sat 27th May 2023 21:52

Then I wish that all your walks will be blessed with happiness!

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John Botterill

Sat 27th May 2023 18:49

A fabulous celebration of the ordinary walk and pint, Uilleam. I will raise a glass to you tonight, my friend 👍

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 26th May 2023 17:14

While I was exercising on my bike
I took a crashing fall
No I barely take a hike
Of any distance at all.
Content to move around in spurts
Knowing to stop whenever it hurts!
(diagnosis: lumbar spinal stenosis!) 💪

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keith jeffries

Fri 26th May 2023 09:55

Avoid bungy jumping. It plays havoc with the ankles.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 26th May 2023 09:07

Message timed 09:00 hrs-ish!
Thanks all for dropping by with your support.
Off I go. Update to follow.

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Matilda Simakaj

Fri 26th May 2023 07:33

How easy do we forget of being grateful for what we have? Thank you for the poem!

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 26th May 2023 07:32

A cracking read, Uilleam. Keep going!

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Manish Singh Rajput

Fri 26th May 2023 06:02

A wonderful poem. Loved the title too!
Thank you.

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