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each day I went for a walk in the woods

with COVID you look after your ticker

you tend to see the same folk each day

they smile as I offer the faintest flicker


I'd copped a wan couple making the circuit

a pair regular as clockwork out every day

then I saw the woman strolling on her own

had her partner upped and gone away?


a week later I caught her eye and stopped


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Blue Calfskin Nights

Boots fit girls down to the ground

True, but don't ask me quite why

Calfskin moulds itself to any form

Yours were the colour of the sky


Red boots smack of aggression

Yellow a hint of primrose flower

But blue sends a potent message

A promise of love and soft power


Blue varnished boots tread softly

Only ballet shoes look so neat

Yours, though scuffed and worn


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I Love Her Feet

Tiny toes adorned with painted nails delicately set high above the creased velvet goldmine below. Perched a top the gentle slopes guiding you down to the very heart of her most gracious arch.
My eyes now firmly fixed on the very center of her bend. Soft, tender flesh.
A delightful garden leading down to the very soles of your feet. One hand wrapped around your big toe and the other lifting your ...

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God's Question



Does a lie has feet or walk 
Only liars have more than two 
Don't listen to a lie as a joke 
Then will help lies to grow 


God will ask; why do you lie? 
So get ready for God's punishment. 
Me, you, them, surely will die 
Should keep ready for last statement 


Get back soon to the early pureness 
And stop cheating creatures
Just in case you look for happiness 
Be f...

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Shoes, Feet and all things Podiatric Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who took part and voted in the above themed poetry competition.  As usual, more people were interested in reading and writing than voting but nonetheless, we have a very clear winner! 

“It was outstanding, the first one out of the traps, and I felt from the outset it would be hard to beat. Gritty in the face of grief, resilience in bereavement, marvellous language.”


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Sockless in Scarisbrick

Cycling socks stolen,

in suspicious circumstances -

suspect secondborn -

I cycled sockless through Scarisbrick,

Skelmersdale, Shevington and Standish,

circa summer solstice.

Satisfying Saturday.

Somewhat sore on Sunday. 

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His Saint Feet


The feet of our Lord walked

Along the dusty roads,

Scratched by the stones.

Along the narrow paths,

Cared by the green grasses.

Those Saint Feet were not aware of tiredness,

He walked His way with worthiness.

Beyond an ordinary strength those feet walked.

Days and nights,

Proclaiming to avoid the fights.

Those feet were washed by tears,

Those fe...

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She totters as she trots across the street

On spindly, thin-shin shanks that

Could not dance a dodgy, rocky foxtrot.

This would-be vamp is hobbled

In her shaky, rakish steps

That wobble cock-eyed, knock-kneed,

In her lust for shoe-supremacy.

This dainty demoiselle is held

To be no stately, graceful gazelle

But gawky like a new-born, gauche giraffe

And yet...

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I’ve got a brand new business plan,

A craze that will endure;

I’ve based it on that fish-tank thing -

That women’s pedicure;

And my idea is similar

The blokes will love for sure;

It still involves a tank of fish;

I call it Penicure.

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The Club Was Caribbean

a flashing view in the washroom mirror

who the hell is that

a plain jane in a neat grey suit

no edges

no lustre

no – LUST

oh my god  it’s me


Lips flame rouged

Shaded lids in saucy shadows

To her breast a crimson rose

And dancing heels with red silk lining

Swaying lithely to silent melody

Tingling with desire to dance

Twirling swirling scarlet skirt


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Let me dance

Let me dance in golden shoes

upon the winds and seas

of Paradise.






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I Am the Only One


On the right foot

I’ll put on a boot.

On the left foot,

I’ll put on a shoe,

Red or may be blue.

Do you know what for?

To ignore public opinion,

To show you and all:

I am the only one

Out of million.

Or may be more:

To show you

That I am nervous,

Capricious, and…

A little bit ambitious.


© Copyright Larisa Rzhepishevska


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Experimental Podiatry in 9 1/2 Weeks


Of all the joints in all the towns in all the world, he walks onto mine…


He read me like a Mills & Boon

thought he knew my heart’s desire

swept me off my corny feet

set curled up toes on fire


For him podiatry was challenge

experimental, avant guarde

ejaculatory pedi-torture

hammered toes blown fast and hard


He innovated long and often


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An old submission - but  I couldn't resist!

(You never know what the man next to you on the train is thinking).


Pretty, painted, piggy toes Peep shyly through their shoe;

But, pretty lady, I must keep My secret stare from you.

So slyly with more subtlety, A better view to gain,

I turn to your reflection In the window pane.


This private peepshow I enjoy, New t...

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When I grow old

I shall wear purple

polished patent leather, platform soles

aspire to strut higher

grind cool skin till its on fire

twixt scapula and lumbar

spread my toes...


I shall chuck grandchildren beneath the chin

then chuck them back - gladly

to parents disapproving, sullen eyed

not aspire to die too wealthy

make the most of being healthy


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boko-maru haiku

Sole to sole. Blissful

Our feet and eyes touch in love

Soul to soul. Blissful.


Warning – this poem contains “foma”



For 40 years I've been fascinated by CAT'S CRADLE, a novel by Kurt Vonnegut. Even though I disagree with his main conclusion it is immensely provocative (and amusing). In Cat's Cradle, the supreme act of worsh...

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Naughty Digits!

I have never been one

To slowly and lowly

Dip my toe in the flow

Of life.


Rather I`ve leapt

Feet first in a burst

Of passion not to ration

My enthusiasm


Walk a straight line?

Well no, what a bore!

Throw me a curve and I`ll swerve

Off track.


I have no control

Over lower digits which fidget

To land me and strand me

In t...

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Crystal Shoe


You may believe me or not

But Cinderella’s story

Brought me to a different plot:

How quickly Prince all forgot

I will tell you in short.


When Cinderella was running away

And on the stairway

Had lost her crystal shoe,

It was really true.

Prince couldn’t catch her up.

He stumbled on something,

Thought it was a queen’s cup.

The shoe slip...

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Old Glitter and Flipflops



I dont quite fit

the cracks between your toes.

The glitter slides around the eyes

lies in the corner of truth


words we shared

rub my feet sore now.

No more lippy on my cheek

and hugs in the dark

a camp lark

down the mike


Im sure you don't

even like me.

A poke on facebook would be nice,

if not ru...

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Beneath her Contemptuous Gaze

Somewhere underfoot beneath her contemptuous gaze

Grinding and crushing

Blood rushing to her head

Misting bloody red

Wine and roses lay scattered

Dreams and schemes splattered

Left then right spinning into the vicious plight awaiting

Cold, colder yet as cruellest roaring sea

Light her slender form struck out at me

Red pretty toenails sharp as razors pledge th...

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chocolate shoes


I want to buy you chocolate shoes

with cherry buttons at the heel

a petticoat of sugarspun

like candifrost

and sparklers


I want to buy you chocolate shoes

with parma violets at the heel

and as the chocolate melts into

the tender crevice slip my tongue

to find the delicacy there

the cleavage inbetween your toes


I want to buy you ch...

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Sox appeal

It may sound corny but I love you

I want to feel and heal your soul

Every bone in my body wants you

Size 10 is perfect

My feelings are big

You've heard of arch-enemies – I'm your arch-friend

I know I have a tendon-cy to exaggerate

but there's little doubt in my mind

we would have a ball together.

I want to take sole possession of you

nibble your toes


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Tough old boots

The costly forestry boots our kid insisted

Warmed your twisted feet in the afterlife

Didn’t worry me in the slightest;

For you it was never about the price.


It wasn’t your trainers which strained my heart,

Or the leather uppers kicking me in the guts,

not the steel toe caps breaking through healed scars.

Or even rubber wellies wading through the tears.



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Shoes, Feet and all things Podiatric

Since everyone seemed to enjoy the Escape themed poetry competition, I thought I’d introduce a new theme pretty quickly before the holiday season begins - I hope you like it.  I wanted something totally different that opened us all up to lighter poetry.  The competition will run till 6thJuly with votes to me by 10thJuly.  I wasn’t proposing to put up any prize money.  I don’t think people are m...

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