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Hallo Nederland!

In our Lancashire home, in our Lancashire home,
We speak with a Lanky Twang ever so rare,
We’ve got some wet moorlands exceedingly bare,
If you want a few Mountains, we've got some to spare,
In our Lancashire home.

En Vrolijk Kerstmis!

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The second peak

October 2020


Once we’d bagged the first we should’ve quit

but we are so elated 

to make it safely down by noon 

we press on like a perfect pair of twits,

sights set on a much-alike, elevated

cairn across the valley, reckoning soon 

we’ll add another summit to our list.


We scale a gate which warns us to KEEP OUT!

and brave a barbed wire fence 

before the grad...

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The God in the Mountain

Flogita - 13 September 2019

It stands

a great sail fin of rock

high towering - dominant

cloud mazed

haze hidden seat of hidden gods

and we,  yes,

we would rise to their heights,

stand in their pantheon

to observe the tiny world


For from this seat

Prometheus set forth

and with Athena

set us in that tiny mortal world -

yet now we stand

proud o...

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Uchtryd's Summer Place

In Mariamné's time

What trees would have grown so tall

What was there beyond the garden wall?

When she walked beyond the garden gate

Did she see the river's sudden spate

And did the rustle of a summer breeze

Mask the red kite's call above those trees

And did she hear the Spring birds' calls

Above the echo of Ystwyth's falls

Did she stroll her father's ways

And let the...

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HafodCeredigionWalesgardenslandscapepicturesqueviewsriverRiver Ystwythtreeshillsmountains


I skipped down road in the cool mountain air

In the cool mountain air, with you...


Hot in the night air

Running down the road

Dancing to the left

Singing to the right


Chasing and avoiding cars

Street life all around

Life going on beyond

In our little world


Up steps, down alleys

In and out of tunnels

Over and under the ground

pavements along the...

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Above the Valley

As we pass through this Autumn realm,

See the valley bound wraiths of mist

Withdrawing like a tide from the willow

Islands of the marshland

With their starkly black boughed trees

Damply dripping with the mist's remains,

Chill air swirls in the rising breeze, and

Black starlings line the wires beyond a barn

But the red kite in his higher flight

Is lost to sight


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WalesCeredigionhillsmountainswalkingCaradogAutumnred kiteskitesffridduplandshillside

Trekking to the Top of the World

With every passing minute a different scene is unveiled.

Each revealing a new dimension, a changing perspective on reality.

The infinitely majestic mountains, covered in their entirety with a thick layer of condensed water.

Power, stability, brut earth force dissapears into the abyss.

While the clouds rule the sky, the mountains are strangers to you and I.

Look around and take in th...

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There's mist on the Menai

There's geese in the sky

There's snow on the Mountains

As the mist rolls on by

It runs from the Swellies

To the Irish Sea

The mist on the Menai

Majestic and free

From the banks of the Briant

To Caernarfon's great ramparts

To the edge of the Llyn

Hear the Waders and Redstarts

There's mist on the Menai

Not a cloud in the sky


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Carob Cottage

My memory of when I lived in Ilgaz and spent a relaxing year at Carob Cottage.

Mountain peaks
Rising Sun.
Trumpeting flower
Fanfare to lizard.
Magpie, Pigeon
Hooded crow.
Pine and Olive
With Carob grow.

Owl starred night
Venus shining.
Isle of love
Thoughts cascading.
Near to God
Allah too.
Dream time soon
Magic carpet.

Soothing mind
Stress free.
Quietly watching
Fox an...

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Martian Gothic

Martian Gothic

It was a unique environment.

They were unique people in a unique place.

A mountain fifteen thousand metres high with a vertical south face.

Two pretty Goth girls stood on the edge.

One footstep forward and it was a huge fall to the Martian plateau.

Three hundred metres in front of the girls was a fine layer of Cirrus cloud,

thirty metres thick.

The Terraformi...

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goth galsmars holidaystunning viewsmountains

Giants of the Earth

Giants of the Earth, in ancient air,
Watch silently as earthly rumbles deep,
And as the world below drifts off to sleep,
A ghostly peak, refreshed beyond the glare.

Beauty in the vast, unparalleled,
Iridescent on one side of two,
Overcoat, to cast off; overdue,
Tremble underneath where others dwelled.

Tyrants roam, to crumble at their feet,
Crushed, reanimated in the wel...

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How many pilots died and old aircraft lost when they flew over jagged snowy peaks in the remotest corners of the world? Doing a dangerous job knowing the risks and trusting in fate and luck to bring the through. Some never made it, there planes impacting vertical mountain sides in sickening crashes. Bodies lost forever, frozen in the time of death. Icily cold and otherworldly ...

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