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Quick question..?

If God were to come down Himself,

and wipe away all the pain.

restore every scar to its previous state.

undo every lie ever told.

What would be left of us?


How many of our dreams and passions,

are rooted in someone else’s bullshit?


Do you champion women’s rights,

out of a genuine concern for the plight they

face on a daily basis?

Or do you like to end your t...

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social commentarySelf-awareness

People aren't drugs dammit

I remember…


I know what it was like to discover porn at 10 years old.


I remember, being a middle schooler

with a bucket list full of sex positions.

To look around at my peers,

and think that was normal.


I remember, being in High school

During the height of the “Me too” movement.

Being bombarded with stories that made my heart

drop like a stone through my s...

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social commentary


How can I think so much in just 20 minutes,

yet accomplish so little in any given day?


The one constant I assumed I had in life,

the speed at which time passed by,

now pushing and pulling like the tides.


If I believe my textbook,

and this must all be perception,

all I am left to believe in is my own insanity.


If this is somehow real, or something close to


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Social commentary

He who sees it all

He is the one who sees it all.


The men who are just trying to feed their families,

among the ranks of the invaders.

The foxes who scour among the liberators.

He who raises up great thinkers,

and topples empires underfoot.


He sees the honest, among the arrogant.

He sees the isolated, among the popular.

He sees the righteous, among the rowdy.

He sees the merciful...

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Religionsocial commentary


It’s really hard to undo this

idea. That a safe space is where

nothing is expected of me,


than a place where I feel loved

and valued.


To be so driven by the notion,

that expectation is innately wrong somehow.

Instead of a tool,

weaponized by the adults around me,

but not incorrect in itself.


A ball, full of potential,

can be anything

but not ...

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Social commentary


If we, as a society

rid ourselves of the natural consequences

of our own actions,

there will then no longer be any ground

for us to equally stand on.


What would become of our lives?

when we put on that headset,

and enter a world

where our limitless freedom

comes at the expense

of everyone around us.


When 100% freedom for me,

means 0% freedom for anyone...

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Social Commentary

3rd Hemisphere

It’s just a rectangle

such a pretty rectangle

The vast array of colorful lights

arranged into images,


of the real thing.


A portal into a separate, secret, little world.

I can do anything here

in my pocket dimension.


A vast library of human knowledge.

The engine driving it forward,

the gutter of civilization.


I can, in the span of an af...

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social commentary

Too much to ask?

Can I have a hug?

Can I not be pulled away from?

Can I be weak, and in pain?

Can I have any physical connection that isn’t sexual?


Can I not be afraid, of the casual flirting,

with the barista behind the counter.

Can I have a small piece of the love,

Shown between a girl and her friends.


She goes to embrace another she,

A group of besties, inseparable from each...

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depressionsocial commentarysuicide


Read History

as if you were the perpetrator

and you will find,

how carelessness and apathy

add up into atrocity


Listen to History

as if the stories were your own

and you will find

even the best of us have things to learn,

trials to push through, and opportunities unearned


Know History

as if it was the back of your own hand

and you will find

raw huma...

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historysocial commentary


Everyone’s got their own thing

In the bustling city


A place to go,

Work to do,

A conversation with someone halfway across the world to engage in.


An ideal to strive for,

A pose to strike,

A vibe to give off.


Begging for people to stop and notice,

My cycles of depression and sorrows.

So naïve to their own cycles,

of stress and pleasure.


Is any...

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social commentary

Cyanide of the Soul

My body, My choice?

Is sex not a two way street?

Does it not have lasting effects on your relationship?

Is your heart so calloused over, you no longer care?

For if two alcoholics split the bill on a handle of Vodka,

Are they still alcoholics?


So too, those who come together

in the interest of momentary gratification taken from each other.

Who use the human figure,


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sexsocial commentary


Heed my warning,

those who are young.

Who still have their youthful vigor.

You who have lived in a world of deceit,

who’s contraptions held your attention,

and captivated your imaginations.

Who have lived lives,

balanced on the edge between good and evil.

Who fear no God.


For they will be given a sign they cannot deny.

Their reaction will determine their fate.


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Religionsocial commentary

Ask a Stranger

Can I ask you a question? I want a strangers point of view.


I’ve wanted to die for as long as I can remember.

I have no idea who I am.

I’ve taken every anger and frustration, and turned it inward.

I’m taking life 20 minutes at a time.


I have the attention span of a goldfish,

a vivid imagination for the macabre.

I cling to other people for reasons token going,

and ...

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social commentary

House of Cards

Come one! Come all!

To my house of cards!

It is I, the Ace of Spades,

the cornerpeice of this whole charade.

From me, every balance act is made,

and from me, the whole house stands.


Your chances are high!

Your odds, favorable!

Those lucky enough to draw a face,

the divine gift of symmetrical features,

blessed with the privilege of driving us into

the dirt.


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social commentary


The wind in the trees the sound of what it like to be free

The cry of a newborn son is the beginning of love


Where is that mountain top where Martin saw the dream

Where is that path to the valley of peace

Where is that message of hope hidden from me


The wind on the water pushing the waves of the past

The cry of dignity echoing through these monuments and memorials



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social commentarywinddignity


send a ship
sent a ship
say no chip
say no sh!#...WOAH!
wait a minute
wait a minute

I agree with it for most parts
I agree with on screen censorship of private parts
and that beep beep, honk honk on Power puff girls 
and Sponge Bob was kinda funny
but these shows are for kids
ad they are touching so many mature content in
heady heavy undertones and innuendos...

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social commentary

Must Try Harder

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Societysocial commentarymannersfeminism

Bride and gloom

How could she go

cause her daddy wasn’t far away 

unless she really wants 

to kiss to this sad song 

the difference is we both wake up

to the cadence of a different love 

then I am made like the villain 

I only want a peaceful morning 

do you remember when 

I saw you fucking him again 

don’t you forget 

to say you’re sorry

the bloom is off the rose 

let’s fin...

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Love lostLOVE SONGsocial commentarySocial Observations

The Valley

The valley


Streets filled with purpose

The Silicon valley is alive and well

Suitcases and Range Rovers 

Palm tress sweep the sky 

motorists hurry to plug in 

horns honked with kindness

coffee filled with sugar and whipped cream 

more a milkshake than a jumpstart 

two hour snack pow wow 

heated ping pong power lunch 

making apps to scratch your back 

and pic...

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Californiacomputerssilicon valleysocial commentarySocial Observationstechnology




It’s late

actually it’s early


brain never stops

mix between good thoughts and bad

this should be over since the end

of my drinking life 

my marriage 

my dogs life 

is this one of those nights I’ve been waiting for?

what to do…???

my best pal comes to town tomorrow

happy about that

maybe this shouldn’t be over

maybe this is just the beg...

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insomniasocial commentarySocial Observations




She hurts


I tell myself to let her go

Is it her I miss?

just the idea?

just the company?

actually i miss them all

they all still hurt

soft skin

sweet thoughts

kindness to strangers

weaker creatures

makes a man comfy 

just for a little while

then they hurt

they tear my gut space

suddenly I’m the Sunday funnies

and they lose weigh...

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Social Observationssocial commentaryheartbreaklove

Maybe Two

Maybe two


I’ll admit

I create stress for myself

even on vacation

I’m working on it 

“simmer down” they say

Am i that bad?

even the pope takes an angry shit right?

everyone has to worry about something

nothing but truth,

I’m not comfy unless I worry

I envy those who walk without baggage 

how do they do it?

I can make it a day 

maybe two

then she scr...

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social commentarySocial Observationspoetrypoem

I Try

I try


I’m not the best lover 

can’t dance much either

never won a poker game

never guessed the jelly beans

haven’t won a sweep steaks of any kind

failed to roll 300

never skydived 

don’t really like vegetables 

prefer burgers to pretty much anything

afraid of the ocean from time to time 

Jaws was mean but brilliant

I can catch a ball

any ball, any time


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hankpoempokersocial commentary




Been working hard loving

working hard chances way too many, many

you’re foolish not to let me go

you helped me walk when i was off

you told me this was the last time

i’m sure its nice to change the bloody razors

maybe turn back the clocks 

those where the days 

I know i fucked it up

I know i was the clown, banana peel

you come around, you hear the sounds


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divorceshamesocial commentary




Sit back with the captain and Jack 

they all walk in

they found me wet with all the K-pins 

knocked down

get back up

got to get back up 

I can see my soul is all but stuck 

I got my meds, my sickened head 

I got my life to get straight

the rest is what I make 


the rest is what i make!

with never picky taste 

if I’m gonna be yours lets get away


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interventionno more second chancespositivitysocial commentarysuicide

Not all bad

Not all bad


I’m out on the front porch smoking 

scratching forgotten dreams from my baldness

coffee makes me happy

even a little light breeze helps

today is gonna be different

yesterday was so so 

I got through it

Some of it hurt

she was civil

that is always a plus

I miss my babies

i regret my choices 

yet the porch is my place 

my ground

what is i...

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social commentarypositivity

Pissed 'n' Broke

Lairy teenage louts
Spotty young offenders
Spend all their time
Going on benders
With cider pilfered
From a local store
Nicked Regal Kingsize
Shared once more
They collect together
On waste ground
To trash a moped
Someone 'just found'
Chained up behind
A garden gate
The owner not yet
Realising their fate
Their humble transport
Will be rev'd to d...

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Humoursocial commentary

Malefic Condescension: Tearing Down Heaven III


     Is the unguidable wilderness distant nature of the Mother of all Gods' bargain, Every sin confidence is a cold denial infinite bet confession labyrinth of words hoping She'll  awaken to faith gesture and play the secrecy threat of Her oft benign cross empathetic dead hand!

     Just another running card eternity drawn breath Sunday without god... gag, Her augmented li(f)e o...

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mpymicropoetrypoetryreligionvillain of truthequalitysocial commentary

Malefic Condescension: Dose of Heaven... II

Over death,

      Achieving nectar dose of the god's karma never cared much at all lost dreams, The unfathomable infinite sandcastling cosmos, Realm of golden aptitude desire tests, Where the children of Buddha's eternal poverty war are forever subdued by avarice... Inside, Stagger as if cosmic winter recital blind, Waging every swollen consciousness sedated by snake apathy rolled eye no take...

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poetryactivismsocial commentaryreligionmental healthvillain of truth

Malefic Condescension : Grace's Parasite

Kill off the infection,

     A belief against the invisible court of justice, Wherein love is no longer held libel as the greatest of every moment's existence value... The difference between intolerance compelled lethargic inaction versus the any second creeping essence affliction of the empathetic imagination engine must survive the spread of difference across our lives, Surmounting the conv...

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micropoetryspoken wordequalityreligionsocial commentarysocial stigmamental healthvillain of truth

Malefic Condescension: Unto God

I swear,

      The first hypnosis occurred as he stare down from the broken white portrayal hearted cross, An unholy smoke justification to put greed forward any cause, without delving to the bottom of a pretend whisky spine glass, where desperately intolerant profit dreams seem wasted if kept immortally repressed in a book of uncommitted commandments entitled: Equinox Psalm of Offences, neve...

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acceptanceeqaulityjutonmental healthreligionsocial commentarysocial stigmavillain of truth

Malefic Condescension: Wrought by You II

Drawing worthless diction as fire,

    Unqualified lucid pictures of muted clouds entitled hope, Inaudibly described via a depravity of discord, A torrential malady choir of misshapen atonement deficit cast foreseen just libel out angels, Whose eyes re filled with numb denouncement matriarchal Lilith established garden of misery over marionette's adorned with the purposeful threat of silence ...

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villain of truthjutonequalityvillainoftruthspoken wordacceptancesocial commentary

Hive Mind: Seething Vocal Discord I

Holocaust seething,

     Speech vomited from a hate intoxicated mouth full of razor blades, Whose tongue is white nameless cross tattooed to empower the whisky bottom glass dreams to appear more than obscene, Suicide slicing empathy's once authentic imagination equality eternal engine on behalf of avarice' reincarnated intolerance heirloom of a false Buddha's multiple profit gun arms, Margina...

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micropoetryoccupy artspoken wordpoetryequalitysocial commentary

Robin Hood Book Manchester Launch

Robin Hood Book Manchester Launch


Entry: Free

Open Mic Event


I am pleased to announce that Ashton Library will be host to the Manchester launch of the Robin Hood Book, a poetry anthology alongside the Robin Hood Campaign analysing, celebrating and discussing various social issues of importance.

There will be readings from Ushi...

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Robin Hood BookAlan MorrisonRobin Hood TaxSocietyJusticesocial commentary

Yesterdays Post

The seasonal grind

through the gears

the autumn now

of working fears.


But what to do

when pension nears

as money’s tight

and mortgage rears?


The posties wife

she knew his mind

twenty years posting time;

but the wheels were falling off.


He chased the debts

with gambling ways

and soon she learnt 

that better days;


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social commentary

Soapbox Poetics

Into itself, beyond vast darkness, remote lights beckon our tomorrow.






Into a new dark age
we go, marching,
careening headlong


[of soapbox poetry
there is no want
for many a voice
loudly rail and rant]


the terrain of our
condition and that
of our experience
has changed over
year upon year of
progress that has brought
us ...

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social commentarydark agestomorrowsoapboxkesnerkessner

Standing close

Mild for the weather for this time of year

outside, standing and chatting and laughing,

standing close and I’m trapped by the wall

and I feel enclosed, and I feel... I...

... feel!

Standing close, I feel.  And I shouldn’t feel.

Rain permeates the non-coloured memories

damp, sodden evenings and damp, sodden mornings

remembering: neglected, remembering rejection


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social commentary

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