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The Valley

The valley


Streets filled with purpose

The Silicon valley is alive and well

Suitcases and Range Rovers 

Palm tress sweep the sky 

motorists hurry to plug in 

horns honked with kindness

coffee filled with sugar and whipped cream 

more a milkshake than a jumpstart 

two hour snack pow wow 

heated ping pong power lunch 

making apps to scratch your back 

and pic...

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Isla Vista

Isla Vista 


Life by the beach 

students on fire 

chicks with tattoos 

streets filled with hope and crank 

the guy from Hawaii is the coolest 

away from mom and dad 

high school was so yesterday 

party at the Bob Marley house 

after party in the morning 

beer belly and whiskey dick 

fake tits and nipple rings 

warm beer and cold pizza 

mac and cheese fill...

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