Cyanide of the Soul

My body, My choice?

Is sex not a two way street?

Does it not have lasting effects on your relationship?

Is your heart so calloused over, you no longer care?

For if two alcoholics split the bill on a handle of Vodka,

Are they still alcoholics?


So too, those who come together

in the interest of momentary gratification taken from each other.

Who use the human figure,

like some kind of anti-anxiety medication.


Titties plastered on a cheeseburger commercial.

Photoshopped figures and inhuman perfections around every corner.

The poison of an industry,

built of the premise of the solicitation of one’s self.

The equivalent of feeding your Gremlin after midnight,

exposing a monster for its truth.


Can I even undo this?

The mentality of growing up with porn?

A daily addiction.

Am I even capable of asking “who?”

rather than “what position?”

Can I undo this idea, that the mind and body

Are somehow separate?


Can I learn what it means to love someone, really?

To not see their body as something to be coveted?


Can I tell the difference between love and sex?

Can I draw a line between the two,

in a world that makes it more blurry by the day?

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