Sit back with the captain and Jack 

they all walk in

they found me wet with all the K-pins 

knocked down

get back up

got to get back up 

I can see my soul is all but stuck 

I got my meds, my sickened head 

I got my life to get straight

the rest is what I make 


the rest is what i make!

with never picky taste 

if I’m gonna be yours lets get away

but will she come?

this isn’t really easy

i guess I hope you’re having fun though


I’m back it happened locked out and I can’t walk in

sit back with a whip crack and a slap and a punishment 

knocked down 

get back 

try to get back up

I can see my soul is all but stuck

i hit the skids, i got my kids

I got my life to get straight

the rest is what i make


I believe the sun will rise 

I’m looking side to side and it’s good to be alive

strangers saved my life

thinking life’s a ride and its good to alive

the sun will shine 

I’m waving side to side ‘cause it’s good to be alive 


interventionno more second chancespositivitysocial commentarysuicide

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