Heed my warning,

those who are young.

Who still have their youthful vigor.

You who have lived in a world of deceit,

who’s contraptions held your attention,

and captivated your imaginations.

Who have lived lives,

balanced on the edge between good and evil.

Who fear no God.


For they will be given a sign they cannot deny.

Their reaction will determine their fate.


Will you turn? Acknowledge your wrongdoings,

and submit to a life of freedom under his reign?

Where sickness and death do not exist,

and no need is ever unmet.

Where life is so fulfilling, sexual desire and the

fruits of pridefulness will seem meaningless,

and worth dirt in comparison.


For the road to hell is not paved by good intentions,

or even by your own sins!

For they will be forgiven if you simply let go of them.

But the prideful and arrogant will be tossed aside.


He comes to take his people home.

You are His creation,

You take no breath that he has not ordained.


Those who hold on to their status and trickery,

will have dug their own graves.

Religionsocial commentary

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