Been working hard loving

working hard chances way too many, many

you’re foolish not to let me go

you helped me walk when i was off

you told me this was the last time

i’m sure its nice to change the bloody razors

maybe turn back the clocks 

those where the days 

I know i fucked it up

I know i was the clown, banana peel

you come around, you hear the sounds

i never blame you

and now i disappear 


old life was keeping me down

i’m broken

that decision was mine and you stayed 

you were never letting me down

i was choking

that decision was mine and you stayed 


it’s a damn shame 

Yes!! it’s a damn shame


sometimes my sorries enough?

even though you where missing life

in the sunshine 

every day the mistrust 

i think i know just what you feel inside

not really a surprise now

I’d never root the noose 

I’m wanting your face

your wanting your space (with him)

maybe talking a walk would make it good

for a minute

then’d I’d fail

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Bruce Strosnider

Thu 4th Feb 2016 22:41

sorry's or sorries are
as good a poem as this is, it still needs development--a few things explained.

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