He who sees it all

He is the one who sees it all.


The men who are just trying to feed their families,

among the ranks of the invaders.

The foxes who scour among the liberators.

He who raises up great thinkers,

and topples empires underfoot.


He sees the honest, among the arrogant.

He sees the isolated, among the popular.

He sees the righteous, among the rowdy.

He sees the merciful, among the merciless.


He makes ways, straight paths,

for the widow and orphan

for the single parent

for the prodigal child

for the ones who have nowhere to call home

for the child who feels no safety at home

for the business owner just trying to put food on the table

for the helpless

for the lost

for the ones whom He has called to serve

for the ones whom He has called them to serve


and He has allowed all of this

to make ways

to make straight paths

to reach, anoint, and bless

all of them.


the ones who have held onto righteousness

in the very core of their being,

in the deepest cracks of their heart,


He chose surrender,

He paid the price,

for every last one…

Religionsocial commentary

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