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Hive Mind: Touch of Disgrace Witness II


      Polygraph revenant ghost experiment test, Resulted in civilian hate breed monuments swearing social memory hatred ache oaths of congealing ignorance to an inherited nature of prejudice and amoral carpe unappealing manifest diem greed destiny, Whose obligations narrowly appease the wounded dead conscience vampires suckling as already swollen vultures inside the heart... Forever ...

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Hive Mind: Amoral Anthem I


     Now gather round the epidemic fire of our ancestors, paper epitaph deaf painted gold ashen prayer mythic oracle god clip your knees in  submissive half and subject your audio stung adrenaline drug manipulated senses listen as the flames ingest the carcass of traffic raped children behind centuries of phantom white shrapnel name amputated crosses and battalions of fallen no be...

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Her... IV

Inherited you,

      Below a sky of luck I never dared to chase but always smiled without contemplating the fee of a reason, For the beauty of thy majestic smirk is everything to me.

In earnest anticipation of,


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Hive Mind: Ariels I

Ariel death encoded penalty,

     Bombs speaking wind's hollow soul eclipse of life's forgotten people memory, No truer words were ever spoken in the balance of escaping the hate algorithm of violence imbued by greed's ongoing world submission conflict, Doubt of the endless white moral labyrinth eroded into grey disposable trenches where the only threat is a pacifist's hive theoretical mind b...

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Hive Mind: Codex of Self I

Rotting consciousness,

     In-between double scientific helix entendre patterned logic descriptions, Lost between the husk entitled body and metaphysical testament against excruciating scientific linear coup d'etat logic as it protests circular transgressions of reason to hide the souls existence, Synapse to electrode.

In lieu of our participation in,

Hiding behind ignorance...


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Hive Mind: Bond of Experience I


      Is Greed's continuous egocentric abstinence to morality as it roams un-roman-military-checked between abstract's illusionary descriptors of post mathematics scientific logical persuasion designed, Today... Avarice is progress redefined.

In lieu of our participation in,

Never living what we recommend

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Hive Mind: Seeds I


      Domestic internal I hate conflict garden of pacifism that never bloomed an orchard of hope obstructing intolerance grew instead,  Sequenced inheritance socially adapted structure of guiltless embed seeds appalling sown in terrifying opinions which sprout hate; In yet another generation of... Today

In lieu of our participation in,
Planting violence within

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Hive Mind: Coup II

Find a pocket full,

       A coup d'etat of un-responding dissatisfied mental experience pen, Maths scientific logic disorderly equation conduct bomb cannot erase the memory communication ache reeking EKG double helix woven havoc within, Imperfect therapy disarmed internal experience logged in monologue grey moral skies conflict, Subjecting experience to everything youth fettered by shelter m...

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Hive Mind: Coup I

Find a pocket,

       Coup d'etat of unregistered double EKG helix woven time, Spend the maths of an imaginary unity illusion in any second's occurrence as a positive initial to negative laboratory perfected experiment of abstract equations notified in vocabulary and logged as experience... Chasing different age identified moulds of toxic self-nation no contemplation to support the lingering ...

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Hive Mind: Home Security, A Lost Comfort

Send the detection,

     In trained bred fighting unit, Attacking 'just someone's other' mistake sick mime stricken blind by the emotion terror feelings of love's unadulterated absence, Caught in a friendly engaged fire home, Where the intoxicated shadow of intolerance' smoke daily threatens to drown!

In lieu of our participation in,

Half-Ignorant-heartedly ignoring alcoholisms parche...

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She... IV

I turned back,


     Looking at a past bereft of an honest cover truth letter unto love given to anyone from the heart of mine... Never miming but reinventing up from the ashen wounds that garnish the luck of my soul as amputated souvenirs this poetic novelist has wilted with a daily antidote of chosen hope!


      If the pseudo existence of self ever had a back vengefu...

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Maleficent Religious Condescension: Hive G-D

Never knew G-d,

       Too keep a ransacked hope oath, Blissful white death funded inner tunnel eye promises of an after hell cauterized fire apocalypse, But Forever disavowed every affidavit of radiant star dust financed droplet of faith, Surrendering to the sidelines of eternity's vast out of disenchanted time encircling the inhuman depravity shrine of this... Our fading sandcastle univ...

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Socio Religico II

Grieving spell

Mourning regret after

Believing the riddles yet again

Justifying tradition's control vibes

Embed in pathetic morally defective psalms

Memorized by labyrinthian centenarians of misery

Post roman hypocrites ruling over full potential

Exclaiming radical condemnations

When in creeping sickness

Belief disagreement

Hiding in a curse

Of words...


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Hive Mind: Creepy Sickness


     The indifference of truth's blind inner traditionally conceded eye and wickedness every new second found heathen champion of depravity breath wherein resides the contempt for every jest but carpe lust diem's greed attempt to reconcile the loss of forever and love in the court of a moment.

In lieu of our participation in,

Addictiveness to inaction's obsessive cause!

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... Beyond Abandonment's Court I

Belief's depravity,

      Paints a maleficent condescending traditional heated post unretained grace wondering post radiant hope for bliss apocalypse, Where the burnt trust offerings of eternity reconcile faith's indifference in Babylon's lonely last A.I human left derelict moral trench conscience alive machine disavowed mistake obscene made ghost entitled soul climbs into the cloud's wildern...

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Maleficent Condescension: A Bargain Gone Wrong!

I acquitted,

     Every darling last manipulative poetic word that screams unto grace to keep it's die bet proven wrong roll of heaven's wondrously mirror perishing heavenly outcast hope cancer rarely heard in a sandcastling world as all humane potential drowns in our sea of tastefully worthless depravity...

In lieu of our participation in,

Sinking hope in exchange for monetary dust!

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Socio Religico III

Grace's wreckage

Derelict ghost psalms

Pacifist numb in the throat

Silent rogue moral tongue infection

Bleeding hate's cursed vocabulary out

This is greed's prejudice inherited confidence

A cauterize burnt pride offering to avarice

Queen of war's profit bullet slit wrists

Bound by red blades to amputees

Victims of shrapnel phantoms

Where memory ache resides


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Hive Mind: Simpletons Donated Vibes II


    Donations conversationally vexed by complexity of prejudice's verbal hate queue motivations, Strapping leather skinned friends alive knuckles with amputated hopes staining fists with tides of never expiring overly purple saturated bruises rarely from the mind decaying... 

      As congregations sit idle in their pacifist never raised a finger but to paedophile their dau...

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Maleficent Religious Condescension: Palace of Displacement II

Autobiography of the first parasite,

     Air toxic double contagion helix born presence threatening an externally imbued nature by hateful means of desolate conscience desired eternal sedated foul outcome play, Game of hatred's wrist slicing bullets versus love's lost since our mythical genesis match, Where unattended young prey, Paper rage clipped bloody knees bent amputee over alters of we...

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Socio Religico I

Grieving spell

Mourning regret after

Believing the riddles yet again

Justifying tradition's control vibes

Embed in pathetic morally defective psalms

Memorized by labyrinthian centenarians of misery

Post roman hypocrites ruling over full potential

Exclaiming radical condemnations

When in creeping sickness

Belief disagreement

Hiding in a curse

Of words...


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Hive Mind: Simpletons Donated Vibes I


     Conversationally making leather skinned friends who bear bruised fists for hand shakes. Raising children like their digits... Teaching them to speak only when hate's drunken family prejudice spills alcohol the mentor of false clarity outcome of a loved one's blood, Staining our flawlessly charred no needle of love can stitch the heart's memory ache wounds back up...


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Maleficent Atheistic Condescension: Dusk on Religion I

You're welcome,

     No won ever gave a damn... Tragically writing until post 3:30 conscience autopsy AM, Where betwixt the moral trenches the shrapnel of this heathen's memory ache usually arrives clawing for silence in the wee hours of dusk before the hollow burnt paralysed mythical son of a zombie delusional sin on conquering fire army of double amputated Red X-Squadron helix winged angels...

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Malefic Condescension: Bitterly Crying (Out) III

A muted grey war,

     Prolific wolf weapons howl war's endless greed reigning in the apocalypse contagions from dry vampiric heaving fangs after the world's bleed silent, Every consciousness architect epidermis husk lies cauterised by brimstone six malfunctioning worm feet under the toxic sandcastle earth landscape, Ruined appearances paying an eternal blackened destiny pacifist death homage...

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About a Colleague...

Your smile,

     Is unwittingly bearded compassionate as it wilts to grey, Just below maleficent eyes that sparkle fear into employee's but they're never filled with hatred, For thy arms deny every motion of threatening before a heart that's raging with commitment, To see through the identity of dreams that is forever... To be continued.

In earnest anticipation of,

A's Smile...


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Hive Mind: Typical Code(s)

Press Enter,

      Begin listening to the drum rhythmic crescendo line of our apocalypse, Vane screaming black scale trapped in deforested measures of inhumane depravity symbol gestating on the pulses speechless desensitized to wickedness' baseline DNA structures helix'ed in abandonment notations caught silently gravid in the perverse legislation frequencies of our hate thirsty for prejudicia...

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Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams IV

Most G-d's,

       Faith amputated bell never told their story angels aren't good pre-golden heaven shed wings to accompany the predestined vengefully entropy of a mythical apocalypse sent from the shroud outlined layers of our fallen glimpse from the dust unto eternity's cloud hidden spirit infinity.

     The most stifling present beyond the last breath is a white unholy tunnel apology ...

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Malefic Condescension: Bitterly Crying (Out) II

A significant myth,

   Prolific obsession of muted hymns by cauterised shut lips, Grace's carpe religious tradition marionette diem homage sealed unholy silence! Supposedly cleansed tombs of a reissued husk aligned with the court of thunder's vain applause to a cloud hidden G-d, Standing damned sandcastle universe by as inhumanity's greed sermon delirious faith dreams waste the lonely planet ...

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Averting Ill Plots: Is Love


And there you are

bless the day

Stars of luck



As I lay drowning

In obsidian pools of lore

Memory ache recalling my own story

With one dramatic conclusion

Dying filled with regret

On an unloved bed

Of Debt & Death


You have averted

All of this


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Maleficent Religious Condescension: Geek Morals

Press Enter,

      Begin listening to the drum rhythmic crescendo line of our apocalypse, Vane screaming black scale deforested back notes trapped in white discord labelled grey measures of inhumane depravity, Gestating on the pulses of sandcastle universe' origin sonnet architects vacantly pleading grace's atonement to the angels whose broken green over obsidian mythical text zeroes now alig...

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Her... III

Can this lonely 'I,'


    Worship your form, the caste of your epidermis! Oh the succulent naked soothing voice of your skin, With one hand tied inside the memory ache past of your wounds, My love will stifle the tense rush of tumour blood to the mountain ghost ridges of your personal buried never glorified or exposed historical tombs!


     I shall sleep inside the pas...

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Fire Fly Eclipse

Flying too close,

     To the memory ache sun, Waking behind the arched tempest back vale of thunder shattered bone cloud ruins, Just beyond the harmonic eclipse of regret as it found with longing the ocean of a mental solace battle pill field of amnesia induced by an illicit box, Hiding the chemically explicit memorandum of a conscious gone catatonic rogue via a signature's never implicated ...

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Malefic Condescension: Grace of Hell I

   Damn me completely

Before the second coming

I can't live without love again

Fire & brimstone don't frighten

There's more grace in hell

Than the golden heaven


Destroy my faith

Relive every day without regret

Uncompromised love is beyond worth

Whatever G-d used to offer is null & void

Persecuted by an agitated (un)ho...

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Hive Mind: Fake Pleading(s)

 Solemn ignorance,

     Post bliss trapped in heaven's mortem generation(s) swearing to plead white tumour eye not witness guilty to misery 3rd signals' flare attempting to flee the shadows of a hate hollowed home in derelict conviction order to portray a lover's paper bruise thin hostage under callous fists in the stars, Paying too no self alerted defence sky mechanisms too fragile near bone s...

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Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams II

Most incarnations,

      Describe the harbinger's mistrals of hope as discredited faith amputees lingering after their own discord of clergy indoctrinated psalm vernacular symphony lost faithless causes behind traditional woes hidden under robes of derelict greed suffocating guardians.

      The accompaniment of a ten endless thousand tear vane drops amidst thunder fall into stratospheri...

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Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams

Most guardian,

       Faith amputated bell never told their story angels aren't good company to eye of this life's storm keep, Like inner blind compassion eye no disguise for their willing pacifist witness to the trauma invoked upon your epidermis state of once enthusiastic being, Beyond G-d's filtered allowance to enter our tangible existence the hell cauterised damned never to bell toll fly...

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All Will be Lost...

Creative poverty,

      Another unread line ends under the constant under malignantly lying threat of silence, Where the emotion night benign hope for self's beautiful insecure esteem terrors reign, Beyond the amoral conviction seem to be firing blanks at ghost ethereal dyed impenetrable enemy trenches of grey, Where the past of obsidian death planet of hell black versus indescribable return ...

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Malefic Condescension: Tearing Down Heaven VIII

Poverty's Atmospheric intent,

     A malnourished rebirth hovering intentionally spell woven lost above the fates of seemingly abnormal twisted pariah destiny lives attempting to honestly - since their (re)genesis - influence God's benign response afflicted f(r)iend Buddha's fractured oath born principles of carpe 666 faltered refuge diem's grace destitute causality.

In earnest anticipat...

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(a)lone (dis)quiet (connect)ions Remix


Prescilla's torn appendage

Heart ransom love's captive sick

Behind a creeping hate throat stuck riot

A jostling monologue of vocal discord

Seething from once beautiful lips

The captions of chivalry

Gone horribly amiss


Fragile loose bruised teeth marks

Scorched the acreage of the sculpture


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Malefic Condescension: The Napalm Cross(ed) Heart I

Inaudibly bearing,

      An invisible bloody crimson shoulder adorning napalm fire dry, Witness' broken faith cross, Amidst thunder's hoarse tortured throat of starvation, Scream response not in the knick of vane time's vault of forever's seemingly bound hands!


     Eternity's beyond quantification Astronaut seems unable to intervention, In the continuing scene wherein God's Self dead...

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Malefic Condescension: Tearing Down Heaven VI

Poverty reincarnated,

     Karma malnourished equal fate lost twisted pariah destiny lives, Writhing before the mythical throne of infinity in an honest since genesis attempt to prove God's inequality admiring Buddha f(r)iend wrong on all bulimic single digit finger throttling rage rebirth transgression accounts, No citizen of the conscious realm(s) deserves the eternally famine destitute nem...

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Hive Minded L VIII: Children of Reincarnated Slavery I

Spoiled hate,

      Rotten inheritance eggs, Ungrateful conviction dismantled spineless chameleons of hollow mirror courage husks, Children of the hive fate, Bearing manifest intolerance heirlooms of destiny's failed karma flags, As a murder of swollen vultures, They circle bruised corrosive hope, exhausted from running on expired breath traffic, never stopped but to ponder the echoes of marg...

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The Accords of Self I

Most ghosts,

     Sit idle alone in the darkness inside, I'm too far sunken numb emotion white terrorized sensation dread flag naught ship, Thriving in the harbinger's amoral lullabies trench where the monologue is rife with one conclusion: All this poetic reverse hope commentary is for nothing!

In earnest anticipation of,


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Monitored Memories II


      Display of archaic rogue amnesty vital bullet slit no chalk wrist suicide, Life trade of unspoken eulogy traffic, Outlined in epitaph signs of a emotionally numb requiem from the eternal heart of gold, Monitored streets toured by memory ache phantom adages of just who we used to sedatedly be... Ghost trapped on sandcastle earth's floundering shell!

      Shrapnel of regre...

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Malefic Condescension: Disavowed Homeless Dust II

Never knew G-d,



       Too keep a ransacked hope forsaken oath, Formulated on the bliss abandoned lips of a myriad sea thousand wondrously hate sinking words, Expressing burnt humiliated offerings of inhospitable tolerant disdain for the mythical apocalyptic zombie god's worst broken cross promise, Spell double woven hexagram craft upon a disavowed Jew never holocaust th...

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Malefic Condescension: Tearing Down Heaven V

Less than billions,

    Are Buddha's poverty reincarnated eternally malnourished souls, Karma's inhospitable soul reawakened heart sickening globe of forever's curse worships the fate of tolerance's noose, How the Bolshevik congealing faith in gold rich infinitely continue in whole unfairness of every adages truth to tie un-cauterized off the amputated hope limbs of regenesis' ghost placement...

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The Wheel Take II


      The a-moral gone white rogue inner complaisant eye of apathy's storm centre cognitive piece storm, Where the eternal lounge silent grey twilight lullaby remains an unspeaking impeached partially bought pacifist bribe off blind, A memory shrapnel ache haemorrhaging witness playing a internal pretext mentally chess unstable match game set compassion lost love to a non black t...

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Moved by a Wheel

Found a song today,

There lyrics were...

From the original Track by SOHN: 

But if I...  Had my way.

They might end up



I died a week ago
There's nothing left
It's caught on video
The very last breath

My very last breath

The memory ache continues

Beyond your very last breath

So exist against the deficit


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Malefic Condescension Myths at Play


     Never wardrobe reprised memory traded fantasy adage of eternal dream appeal, A fate wish designated realm where the mythical don't protest what's real! Trusting the imaginary company of the angelically mythical, Existing in the loneliest strangely dim position of abstaining faith just above neutral, Where a myriad of absolutely whole derelict of any choice heartedly consciously sed...

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The Little Things: Malefic Terrorised Secrets of Sadness


     Drowning their babes under silently terrorized mute attempting to cry out sleeves, Before drowning themselves in the karma sea.

In earnest anticipation of,

The End of War...

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Freedom of Double Speak

Why I,

    Always write, never justify and rarely speak... In person. Graphic is the content of the social poetic commentary novels inspired to be written by compassion's empathetic imagination engine within, for which it has taken years to hone to a place where it is equally content and disturbed of peace in each moment of ever present existence.

      The experiences written of herein ...

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