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From Lexus To Flames

Helping other people can become infectious
so if your wealthy enough to drive a Lexus
consider the impact of gifts to a poor family
let those generous ideals bring hope willingly
to all that are struggling without fault of their own
for decent jobs are not there for all as is shown
by the queues at food banks and rooms to rent
as all the income they have is far too soon spent…

Wealth is a privilege for relatively few even here
the seventh richest country yet the contrast is clear
between the 1% who own more than all of the rest
so to spare something for others would plainly be best
for as has been said in texts that many hold to be true
for a rich man to reach heaven is a very hard thing to do
and while your life on earth may be one of great style
imagine the torments those flames will bring all the while…

May 4th 2015



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