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Common souls



I know that no one really cares

If those people that they stare at

Really live it die or roam the streets

Wondering if there lives are nothing

Like the ones that “normal” people

live, but I am one who cares for those

Ego less souls who feel more than

Those who think they are more

Do not make me make you see

Those who you think are less

Because you will always be worthy

Of my contempt and vitriol

1984 and all that. Are you the proles?

Are you stupid enough to think

That those “below” you cannot think

You fear the backlash of the rich

In case you cannot meet your bills

But who are you to know the fate

Of the next life and the ignorance

Of your current state, be more kind.

You will find that all of us are one

And that your little life is no more

Than your mind which is too small.


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