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Letting off steam

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A Local Earthquake Today Inspired Me...


Fracking caused the earthquake

Lacking caused their heartbreak

The Magnitude of their


Hit the Richter scale

Yet molten heat's


Showed more

To them

They still made

The earth move

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GOD Bless

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Surely, I'm not happy 
To lose the best friend 
It is true, not funny 
"GOD" put the final end 

Certain hour, of the day 
Whatever we are or where 
We have to say Goodbye 
"GOD" is kind and fair 

No one plans to die 
No one remains forever 
No When , Where or WHY? 
Let's pray, no suffer

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دكتور عصافير (VET)

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ريشه ناقصة في جناح عصفوره
إيه يعنى .. ماهـو ريشها كتيــــر
مش حيبــــــــان أبدا في الصورة

ولا حيــــكـون له كمــــــان تأثير

العصفــورة الشــــاطرة تفكــــــر
ربنا عنـــــــده كنــــــوز الخيـــر
لو تدعــــى ربنــــــــا يرزقـــــها
بدل الريشـــــة .. عشـــر قناطير

لكن العــصفــــورة المســكــيـنــة
وقـفـت تبـكـى بدون تفـكـيــــــــر
حتى اصحابها .. زعلوا عشانــها

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The scent of death

 listen to the sounds
Look at the surroundings
Nothing to hear
Nothing to see...

But Feel it
the presence
Hanging over the area
like a raincloud in the sky

I smell it
the smell of death
the smell of murder
the scent of evil spirits

stuck in my nostrils
Life has passed
But who and where

God only knows.

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