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I was at a loose end

Coiled up for action

Capable of anything

Any hot infraction


You fanned my flame

Got me into a fever

Never let me sit still

Pulling every lever


Combustion failed us

From sad mouldering

We barely rose above

A gentle smouldering


We tried to rekindle

Gave the fire a poke

Rubbed twigs together

Lit not coal but coke



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When Feelings Turn To Fever

I've been running a temperature lately

Watching my pulse rate soar sky high

Half the time I suffer from the shivers

I know what its like to want to die


When feelings turn to fever

You're on a slippery slope

Medical attention is crucial

Otherwise there's no hope


Tending my needs each day and night

Though she caused it, she's my nurse

Mopping my searing brow w...

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Fever of silence

They all turn into madness.

Fear, the poison, injected too often.

A vaccination to prevent you from optimism,

from being an individual,

from the hope you kept deep inside.

You are infected with gloomy thoughts and panic feelings,

a fever of silence.

Only your own mind can set you free,

let you heal and open your eyes for beauty, kindness

and the hidden truth.



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Travel Sickness

I sat all day in the corner

awaiting a call on the 'phone

but when it came through

the voice that I knew

was nowhere at all in the room


The nurse that called me much later

knew where I was travelling to

but she never heard

the call of the bird

that flew in my traveller's dream


The doctor gave me some drugs

to keep the malaria down

but the pills that I ...

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