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Conversation in a Harbour Cafe

It was all in her eyes

When he said


He saw the tear

When he breathed





He knew her mind

When he stopped


Outside the mist rolled in

As ropes slipped off bollards


When he left

He heard her say



When the door slammed

He hoped she said





When he heard

It was all in his mind


Outside the engine sta...

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On the Beach

Between the wooden breakwaters

I sit on the flinty stones

to watch the grey sea

waves rattling the beach


That foaming water

that was once the horizon

where I sailed

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beachesdreaminghorizonmerchant navysailingships

You're the Captain

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. 
Don't panic.
Stay calm, or you're headed straight for failure.
Trust yourself.
Confidence is key when you're at the helm.
Take charge.
Be sure to find peace in this realm. 

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into my mindLifeMetaphorsailing

Give to Me an Angry Sea

While on holiday in Sardinia, a wild storm inspired the following poem...

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lifenaturePorto Torressailingstorm

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