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I’m a lover,not a fighter

I’m a lover,not a skill fighter
I’m a lover,not a booming fighter
I’m a lover,not a banging lover
bang is a boom of a lover
bang is a boom of a fighter
a lover is a booming lover
a lover is a booming fighter

a banging lover is a booming disease
a banging lover is a booming paradise
disease is a booming disease
disease is a boom of a banging disease
paradise is a booming paradise

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So where is this most talked about paradise.. 
To transcend the abyss of pain, will it suffice.. 
For there is a silent and willing victim of monotone.. 
Who finds the ideas of a better tomorrow slightly overblown.. 
The ticking of clock sounds like footsteps of an impending doom.. 
For him paradise is a conjecture of an idle mind bloom.. 
A wishful gigantic escape from all the present calam...

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Bending reality

Your own mind is yours to keep,
as long as you don't decide to follow the sheep,
Start bending all reality, this will give you your own normality,
Dance in your own style and you will stand out a mile,
Sing songs where ever you go and put on your own one man show,
Do what you want, will make you full of glee,
Then you will find you will be absolutely free,
Freedom is a state of mind and thi...

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MINDdancingfreedomcontentmentparadiseheart and soulgoalenjoying your life no matter what.

The Nucleus

If you find love for the duration,
This you may find will benefit every nation,
It begins with the nucleus,
And that nucleus is me,
All I want out of life is a cigarette and a cup of tea,
Anything more would be great,
But we must rid the world of hate,
Love is the answer to all things,
If you have true love then you will live the life of a king,
There will be justice for all,
And if you ...

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Hello All You Heroes

My knowledge of life is second to none,
When almost everyone in this world their wits have gone,
Stupidity is their game and genius is my name,
No-one can hold a candle to me,
Because against all odds my mind is totally free,
I sing songs when I want to this stops me from feeling blue,
I am always there for a laugh and a joke and a bottle of coke,
I think quickly on my feet,
A more fantast...

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freedomgeniusIntellectual manloveparadiseheroes.

I will show you paradise

Come with me and I will show you paradise,
Leave behind those who are as cold as ice,
Bring in the sun and let it shine,
Then one day soon you could be mine,
I will sing some songs to gladden your heart,
Then with little luck we will never part,
Love is happiness and happiness is love,
It will be just like a perfect hand fitting a perfect glove,
Good luck to all you lovers out there,
Who ...

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The fall and rise of paradise.

Positive energy should come from within,

That is the only way to begin,

Climb your mountain bit by bit,

It's the only way to get you out of shit,

The first step is the hardest,

The second is a little easy,

But the third step could make you bright and breezy,

When you find you have risen to your first destination,

You may have words to give to the nation,

Carry on what yo...

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Art as the Gaining and Practise of Wisdom

Art as the Gaining and Practise of Wisdom


What are you doing this morning? – and will you play again

your lustrous fiddle for the coins strangers drop into your hat?

Or have you moved on from hustling Trafalgar Square

where the floating Yodas connect like Einstein's cat?

Either way, your art creates its beauty by merely becoming

the eloquent centre of its universe, its mimet...

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Slow Train to Freedom

Slow Train to Freedom

Have you ever had the feeling, late one night,

that you're pounding down an ever-narrowing path

without the strength to either flee or fight?


Your feet touch with fear this wanton, ferocious earth,

but the stars reflected in your teal-blue eyes

are the brazier-fires of a homeless hearth.


Then a slow train, velvet-clad under coated skies,


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Just like everyone else

except your flames burned brighter

more smoked burned my eyes

you had prettier words

your lies seemed more believable

your poison tasted sweeter

you had me convinced that when i cried

you were singing me lullabies

so i smiled in between


and choking

sniffing and empty

a paradise i loved

but you're somewhere else

holding the s...

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The Strawberry woman

By: Ali Taha Alnobani

I know, strawberry has charm

But this time, it is a moon in spring temples

A Call beaming in the morning

And a mascot painted on god's arm

Your lips proclaim another speech

About angels ceremony for love

Which conduct there in paradise

Over fire, under ice

Near the golden beach

That nobody can reach


I know strawberry has...

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