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Travel Sickness

I sat all day in the corner

awaiting a call on the 'phone

but when it came through

the voice that I knew

was nowhere at all in the room


The nurse that called me much later

knew where I was travelling to

but she never heard

the call of the bird

that flew in my traveller's dream


The doctor gave me some drugs

to keep the malaria down

but the pills that I ...

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Passions of the Soul

Passions of the Soul

Like a lighthouse set on rocky shores

we gaze at the world within our sight

with scant regard for any cause;

indifferent as the mosquito's flight,

and chatter gaily over tea or beer

on friendship, crime, or the next career.


But I am ego: I stand alone,

a moral agent in time and tide.

With resolution I keep my own

counsel; hermit-like, my thou...

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Alexandriaeyesflightgazelighthousemoral agentthinking

First Flight

sticky wax collected from the ears of ten thousand bees

feathers of every bird save the ostrich

balsa canvas sinew atop the cretian cliffs

with the wings strapped to our backs

from point spinalonga we set out across the sea,

to catch the wind

the culmination of fear as we left the rock

Minos’s men not far behind drove our last steps

the sea beckoned but the wind would not l...

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Endless miles of ocean stretching out before them,

compass needle wandering wildly, only option to fly

by the sun and hope for a miracle, their miracle.

Blue sky overhead for a thousand horizons,

nature’s world, mankind here is a guest,

as the small Electra plane is buffeted by turbulence,

two people aboard start to panic.

Where are we? We are...

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amelia earhartelectra planeflightfred noonanlostmysteryocean





I’m flying to the sun, now free of this haunted place, to find a new destiny and to gaze upon the stars.

I won’t let me down, not like you did to me; this time I’m in my plane and going all the way to escape you all and the putrid ways of your petty lives, an end.

For now I’m free, truly free of you all and your wretched ways, now I can breathe again and live ...

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cloudsflightfree in the skysun





Long slim slender wings touch upon the upper skies.

The sky is a bluish purple that sparkles with a million stars as this is where the dragon lady lives.

She is all black and as graceful as an angel and as delicate as a butterfly.

At eighty-five thousand feet no one can touch her as she silently watches the earth below.

No guns or missiles threaten as...

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dragon ladyflightlockheed u-2spyingspyplane

MUSTANG poem shortlisted in a comp...

...and will be published in a book called UPLIFTING MOMENTS



Born out of diverging needs and used in battle, american airframe and english merlin engine creating a machine quite unlike any other. At home six miles above the earth protecting silver lumbering B-17s from murderous nazi fighters, down on the deck filling the krauts full of lead dont tell me tha...

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battlefamilyflightmemoriesmustangpilotsthe sky

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