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Too Dead for Dreaming

I look at you

You don’t look back

You can’t hear what I’m saying

Blinkered, you start to backtrack

Into your world of playthings


I wish you’d join me

You never know what you might see.

A thousand fountains – a million forms of ecstasy

A trillion ways to make your brain cells dance

But you won’t even try, your pupils are too blind


I’ll speak to

But words just vanish into zombied silence

I eye you up

You bring me down

With all your wordless violence


I wish you’d join me, you never know what you might find

Vault that pinnacle, climb inside this twisted mind

My grass is greener than the dying lawns of apathy which abound

But you just won’t find out


I’ll stare at you, you don’t stare back

You just give coded warnings

The duvet cover stays intact upon a summer’s morning


I wish you’d join me, who knows what mischief lies in store?

Behind the hedge, upon the wall, under the kitchen floor

In labyrinths and twisting mazes, a galaxy awaits

But sadly it’s too late


Because you’re all too dead for dreaming

You’re all too dead for scheming

You’ve blown your lives into the teeth of a gale,

You’re all too dead for dreaming.

You’re all too dead to believe in

That power that’s emtombed inside your skulls

Yeah - you’re all too dead for dreaming.

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